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Secure your shed

Your shed or garage is part of your home and often stores valuable things like bikes or tools. But is your shed or garage as secure as your house? Could they be an easy target for opportunist burglars, especially now that the nights are darker earlier? Shed and garage breaks are likely to occur where access is easily gained to the rear or side of your property, using adjoining alleyways or footpaths. It is important to try and prevent this. High value bicycles, motorcycles/mopeds, power tools and sports equipment are the most likely to be targeted. Here are some tips to help prevent theft from your shed or garage:

Layered security is recommended for all property. Start by looking at the perimeter of the property, followed by the buildings within it, then the things stored inside.

It is pointless having a robust padlock if the hasp and staple it is secured to are easily broken or cut. It is also important to ensure that any security fixtures, including ‘T’ hinges, are robustly fitted using dome-headed coach bolts rather than screws. If screws must be used consider using security (clutch head) screws, which cannot be removed easily.

 Alarms are well worth considering. Shed and garage alarms are inexpensive and are sold by most DIY stores and chains.

 Quality cycles should be secured within sheds and garages using a chain or ‘D’ lock certified to Sold Secure standard. Bikes should also be chained to a ground/wall anchor. Do not use cable locks.

 It is important that not only are desirable items, like quality bicycles, properly secured, but that we are able to identify them if stolen.

 Check your insurance policy to confirm that you are adequately covered. Do any of the points above impact upon your policy?

 The national database, www.immobilise.com allows you to record the frame or serial numbers of any uniquely numbered items, such as bikes or laptops, free of charge. The website also offers crime prevention advice in relation to bicycles.

Further advice is available from the Further advice is available from the websites www.soldsecure.com and www.securedbydesign.com, where police approved  the security products can also be sourced for sheds, garages and their contents.

The wesites www.halgradesyourlocks.com and stolenbristolbikes@gmail.com also offer advice on crime prevention and recovering stolen property.


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