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East Brent Harvest Home 2012

(155 Anniversary Year)

As I am sure most people know, the Harvest Home Committee had to make the extraordinary and difficult decision to cancel this year’s event. The field was water-logged making it unsafe to erect the marquee as well as for vehicles and guests. I believe the attached part-letter published in local newspapers sums up our feelings.

“I would like to express my thanks to all media for their reporting of the regrettable cancellation of this year’s East Brent Harvest Home. This was a very difficult but necessary decision for the organising committee to have to make.

Immediately the decision was made, committee members contacted newspapers and radio who reported it on air, on their websites and in print as soon as was possible. This fast response was most helpful and enabled us to organise a refund process to purchasers of tickets. This reporting (and no doubt the local grapevine) was so effective that no one actually turned up expecting the event to take place. Ticket refunds took place in East Brent Village Hall at the time of the event and food which could not be cancelled was available for purchase – it was all sold. Anyone who is still to claim a refund please call 01728 760695.

I would further like to thank all our suppliers (marquee, toilets, food, entertainment etc.) for their help and understanding. Wherever possible no charge was made for cancellation or they kept charges as low as possible to minimise our losses - this was a great help and was much appreciated. I would also like to personally thank all members of our committee who worked very hard to organise the event and then having to organise its cancellation.

We are in no doubt that the event will proceed next year. The committee are looking at ensuring that the location will not be compromised by the weather. We are aiming to provide the same format as was planned this year with the Traditional Lunch (including the famous Parade of the Puddings, Cheese and Harvest Loaf) followed by a Family Tea with entertainment and sports.”

The Harvest Home Committee will meet again on Wednesday, 28th November 2012, 7:00 pm in the Village Hall. Anyone can join in so please come along and help to ensure a successful 2013 East Brent Harvest Home.

Ticket refunds are still possible by calling 01728 760695 (presentation of ticket is essential).

Thank you again to all our supporters, please put Friday, 23rd August 2013 in your diary, when we will celebrate the 156th year since the first East Brent Harvest Home.

Colin Loader
EBHH Chairman

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