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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 26th April 2017

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th April 2017


Present: Hugh Mackay. Mike Grant, Jacqui Collins, Dot Coles, Phil Coles, Betty Griffin, Barbara Woodward, June Jessop, Janet Nurse, Pat Seabrook, Kay Clarke.

Item 1: Apologies:

Toni Andrews

Item 2: Minutes of the last meeting:

There was an amendment to Item 7 ‘Lottery’ as one of the winners to the third draw should have been ‘Alan’ Linnett not ‘Ann’ Linnett. This was corrected and then approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3: Matters arising:

1. Obtain quotations re Heating System options. This is ongoing as Hugh still awaits more details from one of the contractors. He also advised that one of the other contractors, Rogers Restoration, had offered to attend a Committee meeting to discuss heating options with the Committee. It was agreed that this would be very helpful and Hugh will make contact with a view to the contractor attending the next meeting.

2. Dado Rail. A quotation has been received from Mark Broomsgrove for £890 to fit and varnish a rail below the existing one, to protect the wall from the new chairs. The Committee unanimously agreed that this be accepted and a date for the works to be arranged. Hugh will make the necessary contact.

3. Certificate Update. This has been done by Mike and copies forwarded to the Secretary, Chairman and to Phil Coles.

Item 4: Correspondence:

Janet has forwarded items of correspondence received on e-mail to members of the Committee. An additional item was received at the meeting from Birnbeck Regeneration Trust thanking us for the donation of the old Hall chairs and inviting us to their Centre to learn more about what the Trust are doing to restore the pier when passing.

Item 5: Treasurer’s Report:

See attached.

Mike also confirmed the balance more or less mirrored that of last month, with everything paid up to date apart from the new curtains.

Item 6: Hall Bookings:

Betty reported that there was 1 additional bookings for 4th May local elections and 8th June General Election.

Item 7: Lottery:

6th Draw – 29.03.17

1. £10.00 – 75 Karen Phillips

2. £10.00 – 143 Shaunna Rutherford

3. £10.00 – 135 Pat Seabrook

7th Draw – 12.04.17

1. £10.00 – 117 Sandra Ross

2. £10.00 – 5 Sandy Lawrence

3. £10.00 – 15 Sheila Short

8th Draw – 26.04.17

1. £10.00 – 61 Dexter Bowers

2. £10.00 – 192 Jenny Bunn

4. £10.00 – 80 Tyler Bowers

Item 8: Representative Reports:

1. Pre-School. Kay advised all was going well, they were now doing a Wednesday which although slow at the moment, they were expecting to get busier. Kay also reported that the lock on the disabled toilet door had become loose with the screws standing proud and one missing. Phil will check this.

2. Harvest Home. Betty reported that all the speakers were now booked and everything was ‘up to speed’.

3. History Club. Betty had not been present but Pat reported that it had been very well attended.

4. Carpet Bowls. Jacqui reported that there were currently 10 members and they anticipated the return of 2 more.

5. Parish Council. Barbara reported the following;

* They had received 2 applicants for new councillors,

* The Clerk was due to attend a meeting at East Huntspill to discuss a bus service to cover the villages that had recently lost their local bus,

* Two policemen attended the last meeting re speeding on A 370 and suggested that a SID speed camera be positioned towards the traffic light junction to record the sort of speeds road users were doing and to alert them to their speed.

6. St Mary’s Church. Dot reported the following;

* A recent Table Top Sale had raised about £150.00

* A Soup and Sandwich Lunch is to be held at St Mary’s Church on 13th May from 11.00 – 2.00.

* A meeting is to be held by the organisers of the Food Bank on 9th May at the Hope Baptist Church in Highbridge.

* A May Fayre is to be held at Ivy Clad Hall in Brent Knoll on 20th May.

7. Day Centre. June reported that there was a consistent membership of 10.

Item 9: Premises/Health & Safety

1. Jacqui Collins suggested that the brown paintwork across the stage and on the doors of the hi-fi storage cupboard be overpainted with something lighter. Mike will seek quotation from Geoff Adams,

2. Jacqui also observed that the large wall opposite the windows needed some pictures to furnish it. Betty advised that there may be some available from the History Club. She will speak to Colin Loader about it

3. It was also noted that the roller blinds remain to be fitted in the Main Hall and that the curtains on the kitchen wall side do not meet satisfactorily. Janet advised that Dunelm had made contact earlier that day to arrange to check the

length of the pull-cord on the curtains in the Grace Hudson Room, which had been reported as being too high to reach. During the course of the conversation she had been informed that it was hoped the roller blinds would arrive sometime the following week with actual fitting times to be arranged. The fitter could then be asked to adjust the curtains on the kitchen wall.

Item 10: Certificate Renewals:

Mike advised that a 6 month check of the Fire Alarm System and Emergency Lighting was due. Phil will contact Steve McGreavy to arrange.

Item 11: Any Other Business:

1. It was agreed that 40 of the new chairs would remain on the stage and the rest moved to the Store Room at the close of the meeting.

2. Betty had received a price list from a supplier of cleaning items. She will pass this on to June Leather.

Item 12: Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This has been done.

Item 13: Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 24thth May 2017. The meeting closed at 8.10.



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