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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 23rd November 2016

East Brent Village Hall


Registered Charity No.269419

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Wednesday 23rd November  2016


The meeting was chaired by Betty Griffin in the absence of Hugh Mackay.


Present:         Mike Grant, Jacqui Collins, Dot Coles, Phil Coles, Betty Griffin, Barbara Woodward, Pat Seabrook, June Jessop, Janet Nurse,

Item 1:             Apologies:

Hugh Mackay, Kay Clarke, Wendy Summers.

Not Present  

Toni Andrews

Item 2:             Minutes of the last meeting:

The Minutes were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3:            Matters arising:

1.      Obtain further details re Heating System options. This is ongoing as is finger protector for Disabled Toilet. It was suggested that this should not be necessary and Phil is to discuss with Hugh.

2.      Oversee electrical repairs including Grace Hudson Room, Emergency light, PAT testing and obtain electrical certificate from Steve McGreavy. The Grace Hudson Room lighting has been done. PAT testing remains outstanding and there was some discussion relating to the whereabouts of EIS certificate. (see below).

It was also observed that the Gents toilet light wasn’t working, one of the door closures covers was shattered, and one of the outside lights wasn’t working. Steve McGreavy is aware of these.

Post Meeting Note

Mike and Janet met Steve McGreavy on the way home from the meeting and it was agreed PAT testing would be done at the coming weekend.  Since all equipment in use in the Hall has to be checked, Steve was going to call in to Thursdays pre-school session to check theirs’ and Dot will liaise re Day Centre items. Regarding EIS certificate it transpired that Steve needed the last certificate before issuing a new one. Janet agreed to post it through his door the following day.

3.      Arrange Gas Safety Check. This has been done and certificate issued. Janet will file.

4.      Submit grant forms in respect of proposed chair purchase and new curtains. This has been done. 

Item 4:             Correspondence:

·         Janet has forwarded all items of correspondence received on e-mail to members of the Committee.

·         A letter had been received from Wendy Summers giving her resignation from the Committee since her Line Dance Group will be finishing in December. She will be continuing her association with the Hall supporting Day Centre and helping with the Harvest Home.

·         Eddie Fuller from Brent Knoll Village Hall had been in contact with Betty asking about the cost of our dishwasher. In addition Brent Knoll management committee had received a form from the Charity Commission and wondered if we had as well. Mike will speak to Eddie and find out what the concerns were regarding the form as well as letting him know about the dishwasher costings. 


Item 5:             Treasurer’s Report:

See attached. Mike also recommended that in view of the healthy state of the accounts, that the existing hire fees remain unchanged. The Committee agreed.  

Item 6:             Hall Bookings:

Betty reported that there were a lot of additional bookings for December. Pre-School had also requested Wednesdays from January once the Line Dancing is finished.

Item 7:             Lottery:

                        6th Draw – 23.11.16

1.    £10.00 –  136 Nicky Broomsgrove

2.    £10.00 –  107 Ruth Pearson

3.    £10.00  -  127 Gill Willoughby

7th Draw – 23.11.16

1.    £10.00 – 51 Dean Howard

2.    £10.00 – 3 Molly Mead

3.    £10.00 – 69 Alan Linnett


Item 8:             Representative Reports:

1.    Carpet Bowls. Jacqui reported that the group were having their Xmas meal at The White Horse.

2.    St Mary’s Church. Dot’s advised that the Christmas celebrations were all in place.

3.    Parish Council. Barbara confirmed that the area around the War Memorial had been cleared, Sedgemoor had given some spring bulbs for planting and that the mobile speed indicator had given some interesting results.

4.    Harvest Home. Betty confirmed that this year’s event had resulted in a profit and that it was going to be used to purchase a bench in memory of Tony (Spider) Thomas and would be placed in the Cemetery.

5.    History Club. The last speaker had talked about Birnbeck Pier.


Item 9:             Premises/Health & Safety

A number of users complained about sticky marks on the Hall floor and paint and glitter on the kitchen surfaces, and around the sink area etc. It was agreed that a meeting should be held with Pre-School representatives to discuss these issues.  .      

Item 10:          Certificate Renewals:

The Lottery and Amusement Certificate is due for renewal. Janet will action.  

Item 11:          Any Other Business:

1.    June requested that a self- adhesive sign indicating where the First Aid kit is kept be attached to the relevant kitchen door. Phil will arrange.

2.    It was agreed that the Xmas decorations would be done at 5.00 on Sunday 4th December.  

Item 12:          Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This has been done.

Item 13:          Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 25th January 2017. The meeting closed at 8.40.



Confirmed as a true record of the meeting....................................Date....................

Signed by Chairman/Vice Chairman (sign as appropriate)


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