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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 22nd June 2016

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Wednesday 22nd June 2016


Present:         Hugh Mackay, Mike Grant, Tony Collins, Janet Nurse, Phil Coles, Betty Griffin, Barbara Woodward, Pat Seabrook, Toni Andrews, June Jessop.

Item 1:             Apologies:

Wendy Summers, Dot Coles, Kaye Clarke.  

Item 2:             Minutes of the last meeting:

The Minutes were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3:            Matters arising:

1.      Check with June Leather about floor cleaning in Main Hall .(sticky floor)  Betty reported that June hasn’t changed her cleaning materials.

2.      Pass ash box key onto June Leather and hold one. Betty reported this has been done.

3.      Source and arrange installation of door finger guards. Hugh had obtained details and costings for 3 different products. Mike proposed Tony seconded and the Committee unanimously agreed to proceed with the DoorTECH product. Hugh will advise the contractors and arrange a suitable installation date via Betty.

4.      Make necessary contact to correct door closure and replace emergency lights. Tony advised that one of the doors still needed adjustment, this was in hand. He also advised that the non-working emergency light in the Main Hall needed a platform to access and Steve McGreavy is in the process of obtaining one.

5.      Electrical Check. This will be done in August.

6.      Consult Geoff Adams re internal decoration. Mike had received a quotation to include all materials, for £688.00. and attention to the following areas; ladies toilet, hallway skirting, lower wall in Grace Hudson Room, repaint kitchen and make good following boiler installation, and Main Hall below dado rail. Tony proposed and June seconded with unanimous agreement by the Committee that the quote be accepted. Mike will liaise with Geoff.

7.      Arrange fire extinguisher check. This has been done and the certificate received. 

Item 4:             Correspondence:

Janet has forwarded all items of correspondence to members of the Committee.

Item 5:             Treasurer’s Report:

See attached.

Mike advised that the £2000.00 Grant had now been received from Awards for All and that the Insurance had been paid for the next year.    

Item 6:             Hall Bookings:

Betty reported the following additional bookings;

·         Band Practise

·         Police social event

·         Parish Council meeting (change of regular day)

·         Harvest Home ticket selling.

Item 7:             Lottery:

                        1st Draw – 13.4.16

1.    £10.00 –  130 Julie Milsom

2.    £10.00 –  113 Klaus Kemp

3.    £10.00  -  2 Graham James

2nd Draw – 27.4.16

1.    £10.00 – 196 Claire Darby

2.    £10.00 – 168 Ann Loader

3.    £10.00 – 140 Hugh Mackay

3rd Draw – 11.5.16

1.    £10.00 – 7 Danny Lawrence

2.    £10.00 – 45 Dot Coles

3.    £10.00 – 147 Jade Rutherford

4th Draw – 22.5.16

1.    £10.00 – 14 Pat Seabrook

2.    £10.00 – 66 Pat Seabrook

3.    £10.00 – 111 Mae Plgydell-Pearce

5th Draw – 8.6.16

1.    £10.00 – 70 Rosemary Gillings

2.    £10.00 – 147 Jade Rutherford

3.    £10.00 – 12 Dianne Rundle

6th Draw – 22.5.16

1.    £10.00 – 35 Mike Grant

2.    £10.00 – 170 Mrs Rowland

3.    £10.00 – 51 Dean Howard

Item 8:             Representative Reports:

1.    Carpet Bowls. Tony reported 100% attendance of 14 members, but it would be good to have some new members.

2.    History Club. It was reported that the last meeting included a talk about war medals.

3.    Harvest Home. All bookings were now in place. Ticket sales will be on Monday 25th July.

4.    Day Centre/Active Living. This was going well although a few members had been lost since the bus service to the village had ceased.

5.    Parish Council. At the recent AGM, Val Rowles was continuing as Chairperson, a grant for play equipment at the new play area in Rooksbridge had been made, the community magazine was now self-funding, and the Parish Council had made a grant to £250.00 to the Village Fete in respect of entertainment.

6.    Slimming World. There are between 60 and 70 members attending on a regular basis.

7.     St Mary’s Church. The following e-mail message had been received as Dot was unable to attend; ‘We are working hard towards the fete on July 2nd and our thanks to all the lovely people who have kindly given donations towards the fete. Hopefully the sun will shine but if not we will head to the Hall. Packed itinerary, lots to see and do. However before that on the Friday evening the 1st July, the Community Choir will be entertaining us with a light hearted fun evening and they will be encouraging us to join in and have a good sing. It is free, refreshments in the interval. Hoping that lots of people will come along to St Mary’s and have an enjoyable evening. ‘

Item 9:             Premises/Health & Safety

Phil advised that Committee that he intended to apply weed killer around the outside area. He also advised that a kit was available should we decide to do our own PAT testing.  It was agreed that a contractor would be used for the present time.

Item 10:          Certificate Renewals:

Electrical Check is coming up. Tony will contact Steve McGreavy.

Item 11:          Any Other Business:

·         Dishwasher Installation. Tony updated the Committee having discussed various aspects with the contractors involved. He confirmed with Mike that the grant money of £2000.00 had been received and that he would now arrange delivery and installation. The Committee agreed that an extra £25.00 be paid in respect of delivery so ensure delivery within a 4 hour period – preferably during a Day Centre session. June confirmed this would be acceptable. In addition, Vince Davey would undertake necessary plumbing work at a cost of £70.00.

·         Janet suggested to the Committee that the idea of having a Village Hall stall  at the Church Fete, be dropped. The original intention had been to promote the Lottery but since an offer to sell tickets had been received from Slimming World this was no longer necessary. The Committee agreed.

·         Hugh had received a request from Pre School that the Committee consider a ‘barrier’ to prevent the children accessing the A370 side of the building when playing outside. It was agreed that since the area was used for parking nothing permanent could be installed and that it was the responsibility of the group to make their own arrangements. Hugh will advise Emma .

Item 12:          Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This has been done but 1 Emergency light in the Main Hall remains to be attended to. (see above Item 3, No. 4.).

Item 13:          Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 27th July 2016. The meeting closed at 20.22.






Confirmed as a true record of the meeting....................................Date....................

Signed by Chairman/Vice Chairman (sign as appropriate)


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