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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 23rd March 2016

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Wednesday 23rd March 2016


Present:         Hugh Mackay, Mike Grant, Phil Coles, Pat Seabrook, Betty Griffin, Toni Andrews,                       June Jessop. Barbara Woodward.

Item 1:             Apologies:

Tony Collins, Janet Nurse, Dot Coles, Kay Clarke, Wendy Summers,

Item 2:             Minutes of the last meeting:

The Minutes were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3:            Matters arising:

1.    Contact contractor to find out about section of Hall floor not done - ongoing

2.    Make necessary contacts to advise re toys, water heater, undrawn curtains- done

3.    Arrange with Vince Davey to fit gas water heating for use in the sink in the main kitchen – Arranged for Easter Holidays, date to be determined.

4.    Look into possible heating options to replace existing overhead heating in Main Hall and possible grant applications- ongoing.

5.    Obtain certification for PAT testing from Steve McGreavy – ongoing.

6.    Advise June Leather of increased salary – she has been advised.

7.    Obtain quotations for dishwasher and installation.- some written quotations still awaited..

Item 4:             Correspondence:

Janet has forwarded all items of correspondence to members of the Committee.  

Item 5:             Treasurer’s Report:

See attached.

Item 6:             Hall Bookings:

Betty reported that there were some further bookings for March. These included Easter Sunday for a family party, and other bookings on 25th and 31st March.

It was noted that the Hall will be required for the Referendum on Thursday, 23rd June and will not be available for Pre-School on that day.

Item 7:             Lottery:

                        8th Draw – 02.03.16

1.    £10.00 – 18 Lynne Arlow

2.    £10.00 – 75 Sheila Allsopp

£    £10.00 – 58 Bob Filmer

9th Draw – 16.03.16

1.    £10.00 – 48 Gladys Bowden

2.    £10.00 – 16 David Mitchell

3.    £10.00 – 139 Gill Wall

Pat reported that the 10th draw would be at the next meeting.

Item 8:             Representative Reports:

1.    Carpet Bowls. Phil advised there were 2 new potential players.

2.    Slimming World – Tony said that this is still going well with 70/80 members, although numbers drop off over Easter and a new promotion is starting.

3.     Parish Council. Barbara reported that the Annual Parish Meeting would be on 11th April at 7.30pm, including talks from Reverend Simon Lewis and possibly John Denbee (District Councillor). There is to be a Village Litter-pick on Saturday 14th May.

4.     Harvest Home. Betty reported that plans were underway for the next event.

5.     History Club. Betty reported that the speaker continued the talk on ‘Burnham Past and Present’, which had been well received.

6.     Thursday Club. Pat advised that they had had an interesting talk on ‘ Theatre through the ages’, but attendance had been poor.

7.     Day Centre. June advised that this was going well, but there were still issues about the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Item 9:             Premises/Health & Safety

It was agreed that it would be desirable to have a suitable ashtray outside the front door, which would be affixed to the building – Phil was authorised to acquire one.


Mike proposed, seconded by June, that the Pre-School Role Play ‘Cube’ could continue to be located on the stage with the provisos that castors are attached (with brakes), is stored against the rear wall when not in use, and that the Pre-School will dismantle it in the event that the stage is needed for specific events – Committee Members or Booking Clerk (as appropriate) to advise the Pre-School direct before such occasions. This was unanimously agreed by the Committee.


There was discussion about a number of aspects regarding the cleanliness and state of the Hall, in particular kitchen equipment, following Pre–School occupation. Hugh is to advise Emma Allen of the issues as improvement is required.


The Hatch above the Grace Hudson Room needs to be replaced into position.


Item 10:          Certificate Renewals:

There were none reported.

Item 11:          Any Other Business:


Item 12:          Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This has been done.

Item 13:          Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 11th May 2016 (in place of 27th April and 25th May). The meeting closed at 20.25.


Confirmed as a true record of the meeting....................................Date....................

Signed by Chairman/Vice Chairman (sign as appropriate)


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