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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 24th February 2016

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Wednesday 24th February 2016

Present: Hugh Mackay, Mike Grant, Tony Collins, Janet Nurse, Dot Coles, Phil Coles, Pat Seabrook, Betty Griffin, Wendy Summers, Barbara Woodward.

Item 1: Apologies:

Kay Clarke, Toni Andrews, June Jessop.

Item 2: Minutes of the last meeting:

The Minutes were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3: Matters arising:

1. Arrange with Mark Bromsgrove and Steve McGreavy to make necessary adjustments to fire door closures. This has been done although the door opposite the Grace Hudson Room was still not closing tightly. This has now been partly remedied by knocking the intumescent strip back into position in the door.

2. Obtain quotations for dishwasher and installation. Tony obtained quotations for 3 different machines all excluding VAT - £1630, £1793, £2150. He had been most favourably impressed by the contractor selling the lowest priced machine and together with verbal quotations received in respect of electrical work and carpentry at approximately £200 each, brought the likely total for the completed installation to £2500. Subject to favourable grants and quotations the principle of installing a dishwasher was unanimously agreed by the Committee.

3. Remind Seaview Windows re-adjustments. Hugh confirmed this has been done and the invoice received.

4. Confirm date for sanding and re-sealing Hall floor. This was done but the strip in front of the stage seems to have been omitted. Hugh will check with contractor.

5. Install kitchen hot water supply. This is to be done during the Easter holidays.

6. Look into possible heating options to replace existing overhead heating in the Main Hall and possible grant applications. Hugh advised this is ongoing, although the advice of our electrician is to maintain the existing system as long as possible.

7. PAT test certificates remain outstanding.

Item 4: Correspondence:

Janet has forwarded all items of correspondence to members of the Committee.

Item 5: Treasurer’s Report:

See attached. Mike reported the following;

1. Current income exceeds the same period last year.

2. There was no unforeseen expenditure.

He also advised that he had been contacted by June Leather our cleaner, who requested that the Committee consider the possibility of increasing her pay as it had been 2 years since the last increase. The Committee unanimously agreed to increase this to £140 per month wef 1st March 2016.

Item 6: Hall Bookings:

Betty reported that there were some additional bookings for March. These included Easter Sunday for a family party, 9th March for a wedding and 2 separate band practise bookings.

Item 7: Lottery:

6th Draw – 03.02.16

1. £10.00 – 80 Tyler Bowers

2. £10.00 – 42 Carol Wright

£ £10.00 – 133 Gary Hunt

7th Draw – 17.02.16

1. £10.00 – 141 Pat Seabrook

2. £10.00 – 167 Freda Podesta

3. £10.00 – 102 Zoe Davies

Item 8: Representative Reports:

1. Carpet Bowls. Tony advised there were now 14 regulars and everything was going well.

2. Line Dancing. Wendy reported that she had had 2 new members and she has also placed an advertisement in the parish magazine in the hope of attracting more.

3. Parish Council. Barbara reported that they would soon be purchasing a speed awareness sign. And also that the footpath on the village green was being re-instated.

4. Harvest Home. Betty reported that plans were underway for the next event.

5. St Mary’s Church. Dot advised that the Lent course was going well, a Silent Auction was planned for 23rd April and the Church Fete would be on 2nd July. The Committee agreed they would have a stall of some sort at the Church Fete.

6. History Club. Pat reported that the speaker had talked about ‘Burnham Past and Present’ and had been invited again.

7. Thursday Club. February’s event had been an American supper.

8. Day Centre. Numbers were being maintained.

Item 9: Premises/Health & Safety

It was noted that the electrical cables had been tidied up around the front door but some work remained outstanding elsewhere. This was ongoing.

Item 10: Certificate Renewals:

There were none.

Item 11: Any Other Business:

Betty reported that a bag of toys had been collected from around the Hall, the water heater had been left on and curtains left drawn across the window. Hugh will contact the likely source and advise.

Item 12: Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This has been done.

Item 13: Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 23rd March 2016. The meeting closed at 20.08.

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