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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 27th January 2016

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Wednesday 27th January 2016

Present: Hugh Mackay, Mike Grant, Tony Collins, Janet Nurse, Dot Coles, Phil Coles, Pat Seabrook, Betty Griffin, June Jessop, Kay Clarke, Wendy Summers, Toni Andrews

Item 1: Apologies:

Barbara Woodward.

Item 2: Minutes of the last meeting:

The Minutes were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3: Matters arising:

1. Make enquiries regarding legislation/certification re private film showing to Active Living Group. Janet advised this was ongoing but June confirmed that she had made her own enquiries and decided against applying as there was too much involved.

2. Contact Seaview Windows re adjustment. Hugh advised that he had made the contact but the contractor had not yet been.

3. Kevin Lukins re-leading on valley above flat roof. The job has been done, Mike awaits invoice.

4. Arrange appropriate time for sanding and re-sealing Hall floor. Hugh will confirm this but thinks it is the February Half Term period.

5. Kitchen hot water supply. Quotations have been received from 2 contractors, Plumbing Solutions and Vince Davey. The Committee gave a majority decision to have a gas installation which will provide instant hot water as an alternative to an electrical heating supply. The Committee agreed to appoint Vince Davey. Hugh will advise the successful contractor.

6. PAT testing. Mike confirmed this was done, but certification was awaited.

7. Outdoor Wiring. This is ongoing with just some minor aspects to complete.

8. Emergency Lights. These have been done.

9. Grace Hudson Room heater switch. This has been done.

10. Door Closures. New batteries have now been fitted but door adjustment still need to be done along with all the door closures. Tony will maintain contact with Mark Bromsgrove and Steve McGreavy.

11. Overhead heating tube replacement. Tony confirmed that these have been priced at £51.00 each but the Committee agreed that these were now quite out of date and it was decided to consider updating the system. Hugh will make enquiries regarding other options.

12. Cooker Cleaning. This has been done and the invoice has been received.

Item 4: Correspondence:

Janet has forwarded all items of correspondence to members of the Committee.

Item 5: Treasurer’s Report:

See attached. Mike reported that costs were still within budget at this stage.

Item 6: Hall Bookings:

Betty reported that there were no additional bookings for February although she had very recently received a booking for 28th January.

Item 7: Lottery:

1st Draw – 27.11.15

1. £10.00 – 110 Audrey Dinham

2. £10.00 – 149 Monica Stephens

£ £10.00 – 85 Rita Towlson

2nd Draw – 09.12.15

1. £10.00 – 141 Pat Seabrook

2. £10.00 – 72 Barry Townsend

3. £10.00 – 192 Jenny Bunn

3rd Draw – 23.12.15

1. £10.00 – 26 Rachel Sloane

2. £10.00 – 128 Mary Ellen Harris

3. £10.00 – 104 – Mrs Vile

4th Draw – 06.01.16

1. £10.00 – 53 Dean Rundle

2. £10.00 – 187 Janet Nurse

3. £10.00 – 112 Sheila Kemp

5th Draw – 20.01.16

1. £10.00 – 24 David Veal

2. £10.00 – 105 Gerry Webb

3. £10.00 – 135 Kasia McGregor

Item 8: Representative Reports:

1. Line Dancing. Wendy confirmed this was all going well.

2. Carpet Bowls. Tony reported that this too was going well.

3. Slimming World. Toni advised that there were now over 70 members and she had had to split the Saturday morning session. She also requested the use of the Hall on Friday evening for setting-up subject to availability. She will liaise with Betty.

4. Pre-School. Kay reported that the group were busy and the afternoon sessions were going well, however more notice board space would be very useful in the outer hall and the Main Hall. It was suggested that a removable notice board could be accommodated in the Main Hall, and additional notice board space provided in the outer Hall which would be considered at the conclusion of the meeting. Post Meeting Note – It was agreed that the Pre- School would revert to using the entire notice board opposite the toilet for disabled users as was the case for many years in the past, and a new square notice board would be fixed to the wall below the solar panel system control switches.

5. History Club. Betty confirmed that this had had to be cancelled for January.

6. Harvest Home –The AGM was held at the last meeting and plans were ongoing for the current year. This year’s Harvest Home will be held on 26th August. The

group had presented a small defibrillator to John’s Ambulance in acknowledgement of their attendance at each year’s event.

7. St Mary’s Church. Dot advised that Lent Studies would commence on 20th February at St Mary’s, and all the Easter services were to be held there too.

8. Active Living. June confirmed all was going well.

9. Thursday Club. Janet reported that the group had enjoyed a Xmas meal at Dunstan House in Burnham and the January speaker had talked about the Cat’s Protection League.

10. Parish Council. In Barbara’s absence, Tony reported that they were considering the purchase of a speed awareness sign, and that the police had been made aware of parked cars on the pavement opposite the surgery.

Item 9: Premises/Health & Safety

Tony advised that he had made enquiries regarding the installation of a commercial dishwasher in the main kitchen, following enquiries from potential hirers considering a booking for large events. A suitable model had been recommended at a cost of £1680 plus VAT and an initial 6 month service. Some carpentry, electrical work and plumbing changes would also be needed and the final cost was likely to be in the region of £3000.00. It was felt that this would be a useful asset and Tony will obtain further quotes with a few to seeing whether grant funding could be obtained.

Item 10: Certificate Renewals:

Janet confirmed that the Lottery Certificate had been renewed, and also Performing Rights Certificate had been updated.

Item 11: Any Other Business:

Tony had written a letter of resignation with effect from September. Hugh had already thanked him for all his work on behalf of the Committee.

Item 12: Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This has been done.

Item 13: Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 24th February 2016. The meeting closed at 20.30.

Confirmed as a true record of the meeting....................................Date....................

Signed by Chairman/Vice Chairman (sign as appropriate)


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