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Monthly Meeting - 27th May 2015

East Brent Village Hall


Registered Charity No.269419

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Wednesday 27th May 2015


Present:         Hugh Mackay, Mike Grant, Janet Nurse, Dot Coles, Phil Coles, Barbara Woodward, Pat Seabrook, Betty Griffin, Wendy Summers, June Jessop.

Item 1:             Apologies:

Tony Collins, Jane Ratcliffe.

Item 2:             Minutes of the last meeting:

The Minutes were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3:            Matters arising:

1. Arrange for annual fire extinguisher check. This has now been done and certification awaited.

2. Obtain remaining signatures for Trustee list. Two remain outstanding, due to absence.

3. Contact Steve McGreavy re fire exit light and overhaul of overhead Hall lighting. Mike confirmed that Steve has said that he would visit the Hall on the following day to go through outstanding items.

4. Arrange installation of new tap in main kitchen. This has been done.

5. Speak to Geoff Adams to obtain additional beading. This still awaits Geoff’s attention.

Item 4:             Correspondence:

Janet has received 4 items of correspondence on e-mail which has been forwarded around the Committee.

·         30.4.15 Thatch Newsletter

·         30.4.15 Community Buildings Newsletter

·         30.4.15 Charity Commission Spring Newsletter

·         20.5.15 Sedgemoor Community & Village Hall Grant Scheme 2015 information.

Mike had received a letter from Tessa Munt regarding previous correspondence relating to our entitlement to the income from the solar panels following a grant from the Lottery fund. She asked if we wanted copies for our records. It was agreed that we did not.

Hugh had received updated insurance documentation from the roof contractors which he had requested as part of the contract.                                                                   

Item 5:             Treasurer’s Report:

See attached.

Mike confirmed that there had been no unforeseen expense.

He also asked for the Committee’s agreement to his proposal that Hugh’s travel expenses be covered when meeting contractors at the Hall. This was unanimously agreed by the Committee


Item 6:             Hall Bookings:


Betty reported that there were no additional bookings although she had had 2 enquiries – one of which was from Slimming World that would involve a regular Saturday morning booking. The other was for a training session for the Defibrillator.

Item 7:             Lottery:

                        6th Draw – 27.5.15

                        1. £10.00 – 124 Bryan Willoughby

                        2. £10.00 – 32 Yvonne Claridge

                        3. £10.00 – 10 Jaqui Collins

                        7th Draw – 11.5.15

1.    £10.00 – 71 Chris Robson

2.    £!0.00 –  28 Sue E Wright (Lympsham)

3.    £10.00 – Gerry Webb

8th Draw – 27.5.15

1.    £10.00 – 96 Christine Hussey

2.    £10.00 – 120 Michelle Adams

3.    £10.00 – 200 Barbara Bateman

Item 8:             Representative Reports:

1.    Carpet Bowls. Phil reported that it was going well although some new members would be nice.  

2.    Harvest Home. Betty advised that the luncheon tickets would be the same price as last year. Everything was booked.

3.    History Society. The last speaker had given a very interesting talk on the railway between Highbridge and Glastonbury.

4.    Parish Council. Barbara reported that at the AGM Val Rawles was voted Chairperson and Judy Webb vice chair, Rooksbridge playing field was now open, and repairs were being made to the fence at East Brent village green playing field.

5.     Day Centre/Active Living. June reported that they were full with a waiting list. They had recently received a donation of a curling set and a set of boccia,. She also advised that 2 trays, a couple of tablespoons and some long handled teaspoons had gone missing.

6.    Line Dancing. Wendy reported that she was now doing both the beginner and intermediate classes again, with slightly reduced hours. Although she was finding it hard she would continue provided her costs were covered.

7.    St Mary’s Church. Dot advised that arrangements for the forthcoming Church Fete on 6th June were well underway. Lots of entertainments were planned as well as a lot of stalls.

8.    Thursday Club. Janet reported that they had enjoyed an evening of ‘curling’ at the most recent meeting.  

Item 9:             Premises/Health & Safety

The Hall windows are awaiting a check. Hugh will chase this. He was also meeting Kevin Lukins to do a roof check the following Monday, as there had been reports of water penetration in the small and main kitchen and through the south west wall of the main hall.

Item 10:          Certificate Renewals:

                        There are none due

Item 11:          Any Other Business:

There was none.

Item 12:          Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This has been done, but one of the fire exit lights remains not working. (see Matters Arising Item 3)

Item 13:          Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 24th June 2015. The meeting closed at 20.10.

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