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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 26th November 2014

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Wednesday 26th November 2014


Present:         Hugh Mackay, Mike Grant, Janet Nurse, Dot Coles, Wendy Summers,  June Jessop, Betty Griffin, Tony Collins, Emmalene Gammon.

                        Phil Coles was welcomed to the meeting (see Item 2b below)

Item 1:             Apologies:

                        Jane Ratcliffe, Pat Seabrook, Barbara Woodward.

Item 2a:          Election of Officers

All Officers agreed to stand again.



Proposed by

Seconded by


Hugh Mackay

Mike Grant

Tony Collins

Vice Chairman

Tony Collins

Hugh Mackay

Janet Nurse


Janet Nurse

Hugh Mackay

Mike Grant


Mike Grant

Betty Griffin

Hugh Mackay

Lottery Officer

Pat Seabrook

Betty Griffin

Hugh Mackay

Booking Clerk

Betty Griffin

Betty Griffin

Hugh Mackay

Carpet Bowls

Tony Collins

Betty Griffin

Hugh Mackay

Betty Griffin proposed a block appointment of latter 4. All were unanimously accepted.

Item 2b:          Appointment of Additional Trustee

Phil Coles was proposed by Hugh Mackay and seconded by Tony Collins as a co-opted Trustee to the Committee. This was agreed unanimously Phil received appropriate information pertaining to the position.

Item 3:             Minutes of the last meeting:

The Minutes were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 4:            Matters arising:

                       1.    Arrange annual Fire Risk Assessment. Janet confirmed that this has now been done and updated copies circulated to the Committee. The items noted which required action were;

                       i.    A number of the fire doors were not closing completely. Tony will contact Steve McGreavy to make the necessary adjustments. It was also suggested that a number of users are not using the closure buttons to ensure full closure of the three doors fitted with Freedor closers,                                when they leave the Hall. Representatives were asked to ensure the correct procedure is followed. Janet will contact Barbara to remind the Parish Council.

                      ii.   It was felt necessary to place ‘break glass’ notices on the key points to clarify. Janet will try to track down the appropriate signage.

                      2.    Oversee Asbestos Inspection/PAT testing. Tony confirmed that the asbestos certificate has now been received and indicates 4 possible areas to be aware of in case of future alterations to the building. PAT testing has been  done.

                      3.    Confirm Signing of Emergency Lighting Register. Steve McGreavy had indicated where the register was signed.

                      4.    Check door bell and arrange replacement if necessary. A new door bell has been purchased and installed.

                      5.    Speak to John Leather about missing door beading. Betty confirmed she has reminded him, but would remind him again.

                      6.    Hugh confirmed that a letter of thanks has been sent to Ann Ellis for her long years of service to the Village Hall.

                     7.    Continue to liaise with contractors re roofing job. Hugh confirmed that he had sought 3 quotes and so far has only received 2 responses one of which was very low. He suggested we proceed with the original contractor if the 3rd quote was still outstanding by 21st December                             to ensure we don’t miss the ‘slot’ for next summer. The Committee agreed.

                     8.    Water heater/urinal replacement/repair . The thermostat has been turned down on the water heater to ensure the water is safe for children to use in the Ladies Toilet. The urinal flush control has been attended to.

Item 5:        Correspondence:

                    1. Janet had received CCS items on e-mail which have been forwarded around the Committee.  

                    2. Janet has received a letter from PRS to renew our license. She has completed the assessment form and we now await confirmation of the amount due.

                    3. Hallmark forwarded a questionnaire asking for an assessment relating to the process. This has been completed and returned.

                    4. Janet also advised that the certificates for Hallmark* and our nomination as best managed hall in Sedgemoor were received and are displayed on the outside notice board.

                    5. An e-mail has been received from somersetbuildings@somersetccc regarding a proposed amendment to the existing rules for sale of small amounts alcohol. Comments were invited from the committee, but since it has only just been received no one has had a chance to read                         it properly.  It was agreed that Hugh, Tony, Mike and Janet would compile a response to the consultation,                                

Item 6:       Treasurer’s Report

                    See attached. In addition Mike advised that he has renewed the gas contract for the next 4 years.

Item 7:        Hall Bookings.

                    Betty advised that only 2 additional bookings have been made for November.

Item 8:        Lottery:

                     3rd Draw – 29.10.14   

        1. £10.00 – 23 Molly Mead

                        2. £10.00 – 194 Bob Bees

                        3. £10.00 – 88 Joan Vorha

                        4th Draw – 12.11.14

                        1.    £10.00 – 21 Joy Trembal-Smith

                        2.    £10.00 – 61 Alice Jones

                        3.    £10.00 – 14 Pat Seabrook

                        5th Draw – 26.11.14

                       1.    £10.00 – 34 Alan Baker

                       2.    £10.00 – 152 EB Day Centre

                       3.    £10.00 – 153 Bill Walker

Item 9:             Representative Reports:

                      1.    Pre-School. Emmalene reported that the shopping evening had made £730.00 and will go towards a soft play Christmas event in Brean, for the children.

                       2.    History Group. Betty reported that there had been no meeting since the last Village Hall meeting. Attendance at the WW1 events in the Church had been disappointing.

                       3.    Harvest Home. Betty reported that there had been a net loss for the 2014 event, but steps to remedy this were being considered. The AGM will be in January.

                       4.    Line Dancing. Wendy reported that 2 new members had joined the beginners class, but the main class was quieter. The last meeting before Xmas was on 17th December, restarting on 7th January.

                       5.    Active Living. June Jessop reported that they had run out of paper towels during one of the sessions. Betty Griffin advised her to contact her next time to open the storage cupboard. The groups last day before Xmas would be 19th December. They would like to remain                                         closed for 3 weeks but expect it will only be for 2.

                       6.    St Mary’s Church. Dot advised the following

                        i.    14th December – the Bishop of Bath & Wells would be visiting St Mary’s.

                       ii.    21st December – Carols for Xmas

                       iii.    24th December – Crib Service.

                       iv.    25th December – 10.00 service.

                       7. Carpet Bowls. Tony advised that the last session was on 16th December, Christmas lunch on 17th December and they would restart on 6th January. Attendance averaged 13-16 per session

                       8. Parish Council. Barbara Woodward has forwarded the following in her absence;

                ·         Mrs Kim Wilcox – new village agent- came to speak to the meeting about her work.

                ·         Our Parish Clerk, Mr Martin Shobbrook unfortunately is to resign because of health problems.

                ·         Village Hall Key Holders – Mrs Val Rawles has the form and will collect key from Edward Champion.

                       9. Thursday Club. Janet reported that the group had had a very interesting talk about Edwardian Xmas traditions that had been well attended. A Christmas meal has been arranged at Dunstan House for the December meeting.  

Item 10:        Premises/Health & Safety

                       It was reported that the PA system was not working properly. This will be checked after the meeting.

Item 11:       Certificate Renewals:

            ·         Lottery License. Janet will arrange.

Item 12:        Any Other Business:

                        Janet advised that the remainder of the money set aside for the garden area has been used to buy 2 more bags of compost and some bulbs which have now been planted.  

                        She has also collected the Phillip Johnson cup from CCS and made enquiries about the cost of a display cabinet which were mostly in excess of £100.00 for a lockable cupboard. The Committee agreed that a framed photograph of the cup alongside the certificate would be a                           less expensive option. Janet will arrange.


Item 13:         Fire Exit & Light Audit:

                       This has been done.

Item 14:         Next Meeting

                       The next meeting will be on Wednesday 28th January 2015    

                       The meeting closed at 20.25

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