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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 21st November 2013

East Brent Village Hall
Registered CharitY No.26941 9
Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Thursday 21st November 2013
Present: Mike Grant, Hugh Mackay, Betty Griffin, Tony Collins, Dot Coles, Jane Ratcliffe, Wendy Summers.
Death of Fomer Trustee
The Trustees were advised of the death on the preceding day of Jean Bowman. Jean had been an active supporter of the Village Hall over many years and has fully participated in many aspects of East Brent life.
lt is believed that her funeral will take place on Friday 6th December (to be confirmed).
Item1 Apologies:
Ann Ellis, Janet Nurse, Pat Seabrook, Barbara Woodward, Emma Allen.
Item 2 Minutes of the last meeting:
The Minutes were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.
Item 3 Matters arising:
1. Obtain Emergency Lighting Certificate - Now Received.
Resolve lssue of Emergency Light in Grace Hudson Room - Outstanding.
Arrange P.A.T. This has been carried out, but not yet invoiced.
2. Obtain 3 quotations for restoration of outside woodwork and re-painting. One quotation has been received and 2 are still outstanding. lt was noted that the Contractor who quoted has suggested that the capping boards should be supported by brackets to try to prevent twisting and cracking. He has also recommended a change of colour as black absorbs sunlight which can cause peeling of painhrvork and bleeding of knots. The heat can also cause wood work to twist and split. It was agreed that Hugh and Mike should proceed with Applications for Funding once the remaining quotations had been received.
3. Replace and fit sliding locks on ladies toilets - Middlemoor have been instructed.
4. Put up Xmas decorations * done 13th November.
5. Arrange Gas Safety Check. Booked for 22nd November.
Item 4 Correspondence:
Janet had received correspondence on e-mail which has been forwarded around the Committee. They were as follows;
o Charity Commission News
o Community Councilfor Somerset Newsletter
Betty advised of a communication from Burnham Easy Riders requesting to advertise the Hatl as a pit-stop for refreshments/toilet facilities - Hugh to reply as appropriate.
Item 5 Treasurer's Report:
See attached.
Mike pointed out that the funds held included €8,000 for resurfacing the car park. This is now scheduled for the Christmas break, weather permitting.
Item 6 Hall Bookings:
Betty reported There is a potential family booking for Christmas Day.
An enquiry has been made with a view to holding a weekly whist drive in the Hall - Betty will respond to encourage, but it is likely that the only weekday that the Hall will be available every week, is a Friday. Also to ascertain whether card tables will need to be provided.
Item 7 Lottery:
7th Draw - 30.10.13
1. 810.00 - 22 David Harris
2. f10.00 - 73 David Wheeler
3. t10.00 - 162 Henry Pam
8th Draw- 13.11.13
1. f10.00 - 5 Sandy Lawrence
2. 810.00 - 110 Audrey Dinham
3. t10.00 - 99 Andy Grant
Item 8 Representative Reports:
1. Pre-School. Nothing reported other than apologies for the state of the kitchen after Pamper Evening.
2. Thursday Club. Jane reported on a very interesting talk on quilting and patchwork.
3. Harvest Home. Betty Griffin reported the Finance Meeting had been held and the result for 2013 was better than expected, bearing in mind the expenditure due to the condition of the field. The next meeting will be the AGM in January.
4. History Group. Betty reported that monthly meetings continue.
5. Parish Council. Nothing reported.
6. Line Dancing. Wendy advised that the numbers had reducedby 2 due to a recent car accident. She also reported that she had been unable to hold a session on 20th November. She may look to advertising for additional participants in the New Year, but taking on newcomers is always difficult due to differences in experience levels.
7. St. Mary's Church. Dot Coles reported;
o Light of Love took place on November 4th.
o There will be Carols for the School, hopefully to be held in the Churchyard on 't7th December. There will be a Carol Service at St Mary's on 22nd
December and a Crib Service on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Day service will be at St Michael's.
L Active Living/Day Centre. Dot Coles advised that the group could take one or 2 more. They had had an enjoyable talk from a Black and White minstrel recently.
9. Carpet Bowls. Tony advised it was all going well, but they had recently lost 2 regulars.
Item 9 Premises/Health & Safety
It was agreed that Tony should obtain quotations for flooring the East Corridor and Entrance Hall.
The fire proofing of Curtains has been done, but no paperwork received.
Item 10 Certificate Renewals:
The Lottery Licence is due for renewal from 1't January 2014 * Janet to arrange.
The PRS/PPL License is renewable early in the New Year - Mike said he thought Janet usually received a reminder to report figures etc.
Item 11 Any Other Urgent Business:
It was reported that a massive roll of kitchen paper had recently gone missing.
Additionally Dot reported that a coffee pot had recently disappeared from the Active Living centre's locked cupboard. The 'secret' location of the A L Centre's key has been changed, but all users are asked to be vigilant.
Item 12 Fire Exit & Light Audit:
This has been done and it was noted that the emergency light in the Grace Hudson Room is still not working.
Item 13Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Thursday 16tn January 2014.
The meeting closed at 20.09.
Confirmed as a true record of the meetingl).......:).......1............Date.... St'gned by ChairmanNice Chairman (sgn as appropriate) l,+
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