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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 20th February 2013

East Brent Village Hall


Registered Charity No.269419

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Wednesday 20th February 2013

Present: Mike Grant, Janet Nurse, Betty Griffin, Tony Collins, Barbara Woodward, Ann Ellis, Emma Allen.

The meeting was chaired by Tony Collins in his capacity as Vice Chairman in the absence of Hugh Mackay.

Item 1: Apologies:

Hugh Mackay, Dot Coles, Pat Seabrook, Jane Ratcliffe, Di Harris Bryant.

Minutes relating to November 2012. Following amendment (preamble relating to inspection of storage facilities removed from Minutes and filed as an attachment), November Minutes were signed by the chairman.

Item 2: Minutes of the last meeting: (20th February)

A couple of amendments were made;

  • Item 7 Lottery 2nd Draw no 2. The number ‘187’ had been omitted.

  • Item 8 no 4 Parish Council Representative Report, misspelling of Val Rolls should read Val Rowles.

The Minutes were then approved by the Committee and signed by the Vice Chairman.

Item 3: Matters arising:

1. Chase up fire alarm and emergency lighting certificate from Steve McGreavy. Tony confirmed that this is ongoing.

2. Liaise with Geoff Adams re corner protectors. Mike advised that they have been delivered and it is hoped that they would be fitted over the coming weekend.

3. Organise Broadband installation with Matt Lewis and BT. Mike reported that Matt Lewis had tested and confirmed that the wireless would work throughout the hall but that a power socket was needed near the phone. Matt Lewis is liaising with Steve McGreavy prior to installing the hub.

4. Tony to liaise with Dot, Barbara and Betty ideas for refurbishing Cloakroom. A number of ideas are under discussion which will be presented to the Committee in due course.

5. Contact Kevin Lukins re resealing kitchen inset sink. Janet confirmed this has been done.

6. Consult Parish Council re considering options to attract new users to Hall. Barbara advised that this will included on the Minutes at their next meeting.

7. Obtain quotations for cleaning upholstery on hall chairs. Betty advised that the job has been done and everyone was pleased with the results.

8. Prepare specification for overlaying outside area and seek quotations. Mike advised that this is ongoing.

Item 4: Correspondence:

Janet had received correspondence on e-mail which has been forwarded around the Committee. They were as follows;

  • 18.2.13 Charity Commission News.

  • 4.2.13 Community Council for Somerset advice of discounted oil scheme.

Item 5: Treasurer’s Report:

See attached.

Item 6: Hall Bookings:

Betty reported that a firm regular booking has been received for Wednesday mornings from 10.00 – 12.00 for line dancing. The booking will take effect from March and the organiser will join the management committee to entitle her to a discounted hire rate.

The only other additional booking for February is a Pre-School Committee meeting on 21 February.

Item 7: Lottery:

7th Draw – 21.01.13

1. £10.00 – 128 Mary Ellen Harris

2. £10.00 - 67 Jane Field

3. £10.00 – 113 Klaus Kemp

8th Draw – 060213

1. £10.00 – 66 Pat Seabrook

2. £10.00 – 75 Sheila Allsop

3. £10.00 – 05 Sandy Lawrence

9th Draw – 20.02.13

1. £10.00 – 42 Carol Wright

2. £10.00 – 175 Jean Ferguson

3. £10.00 – 113 Klaus Kemp

Item 8: Representative Reports:

1. Harvest Home. Betty Griffin advised that options were being explored regarding field drainage to prevent a recurrence of last year’s cancellation when the ground was too wet to put up the marquee. It was intended to finish the event at 7.30pm.

2. History Society. Betty Griffin reported that the group is investigating past shops in both East Brent and Rooksbridge.

3. Thursday Club. Ann Ellis advised that about 22 had attended an American Supper and shared childhood memories.

4. Pre-School. Emma reported that the group was very busy with 15 on the register and 12 attending daily. At the moment they also have children with additional needs, for whom they receive extra funding and employ extra staff. However in September a large group will leave to start school so they are endeavouring to attract some new children, which will also mean they will be able to retain all existing staff.

4. Parish Council. Barbara Woodward had nothing additional to report other than advising that the Parish Council will be considering how to attract new users to the Hall. (see Item 3 Matters Arising)

In the absence of Dot Coles, Janet read out the following reports forwarded by Dot in her capacity of representative for both groups.

5. Active Living Day Centre. We continue to have more or less a full group, illness and holidays excepting. (However, it is felt that we could accept 3 or 4 more people if we had 3 or 4 more of the chairs with arms. The elderly prefer these when they are sitting for any length of time and especially if they have a physical difficulty). We had a visit from the U3A Concert Party in January which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, we hope to book them for another time. The search continues for other entertainments and ideas to entertain our old folk. The Day Centre will be closed on Good Friday as usual.

6. St Mary’s Church. The Lent Course began last week, was very well attended and very thought provoking, looking into the way the church as people and the church as building might progress in the coming years.

7. Carpet Bowls. Tony Collins reported that the numbers remained good.

Item 9: Premises/Health & Safety

1.See attached resume from Treasurer regarding funding received from Awards for All (Big Lottery Fund) in respect of solar panels, and possible implications relating to Feed in Tarriff.

Mike advised that some grant monies might have to be repaid if we were to continue to claim FIT. He asked that, pending the resolution of definition of the Awards For All grants, the Committee approve the return of monies, as appropriate, when the need became clear. (he is in correspondence with the relevant authorities regarding the matter). The Committee hold sufficient funds in their reserves to cover the amounts. Janet proposed and Betty seconded and the Committee unanimously agreed.

2. The Pre-School were advised that the window boxes were not draining and the weight of the accumulated water may result in them coming away from the wall and posing a hazard to the children. Emma will action.

3. Betty advised that the History Society would like to set up a wall display on the weekend of 1/2nd of June for community viewing. She requested that no charge be made for the use of the Hall. The Committee unanimously agreed.

Item 10: Certificate Renewals:

We still await certification from Steve McGreavy for fire and emergency lighting check.(Tony).

Domestic Electrical Installation Periodic Inspection Report is due. Tony will ask Steve McGreavy about this.

Item 11: Any Other Business:

1.Dot Coles had commented again on the state of the floor, by e-mail in her absence.

Regarding the state of the Hall floor, not only on a Friday, but also on a Tuesday

Evening, I had been asked by several people who help at the Day Centre and who

also belong to the Bowls Club, to express our unhappiness at what we sometimes

had to sweep up before starting. However we always sweep up afterwards, and

what we sweep up is often comprised of a lot of what has not been generated

during a Day Centre session.’

2. Betty Griffin reported that there had been a lot of sand on the floor in the Grace

Hudson room.

3. Pre-School reported that they now cover the chairs during their sessions, to protect them.

Item 12: Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This was done.

Item 13: Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 20th March 2013 at 7.30.

The meeting closed at 20.57.

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