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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 21st November 2012


Minutes of a Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Wednesday 21st November 2012


The Chairman had requested that the Committee undertake an inspection of the storage facilities in the building, prior to the meeting. June & John Leather had been invited to attend.

Present: Mike Grant, Janet Nurse, Betty Griffin, Tony Collins, Dot Coles, Barbara Woodward

Item 1: Apologies:

Hugh Mackay, Jane Ratcliffe, Ann Ellis, Pat Seabrook.

Not Present; Emma Allen, Di Harris Bryant

Item 2: Minutes of the last meeting:

An amendment was made to Item 2, Election of Officers. The Booking Clerk was proposed by Dot Coles and not Betty Griffin as stated. This was corrected and the Minutes were then approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3: Matters arising:

1. Continue to resolve ‘boxing in’ and inverter problem with Steve McCreavy. Tony advised that Steve now seems to have resolved the inverter problem which appears to have been set up for German electrical supply. A new set of soft-ware has now been sent and installed and Steve is monitoring this to confirm it is now working correctly. More sunshine is awaited!

2. Obtain fire alarm and emergency lighting certificate from Steve. Arrange PAT check with him. The certificate is still awaited. The PAT testing has been done and although no certificate has been issued as yet, the plugs on the appliances are dated.

3.The gate widening project has now been completed and paid for.

4. Liaise with Geoff Adams regarding corner protectors. This is ongoing. It is understood that Geoff had planned to come this Saturday but the Hall is booked all day.

5. Arrange purchase and fitting of water filled fire extinguisher by the main exit door. This has been done.

6. Broadband installation. Mike confirmed that would cost about £200.00 pa plus installation costs of about £200.00. He then asked the Committee to vote on it. Betty proposed that it be installed, and Mike seconded. He or Hugh will make the necessary contact with Matt Lewis.

7. Shelf in Kitchen cupboard. This is ongoing dependent on Geoff Adams being able to access the Hall. (see item 4)

8. Price up storage cupboard for use by Active Living Group. Tony advised that the cost is £170.00 plus VAT. He then proposed the purchase and was seconded by Dot. He will organise purchase and installation.

Item 4: Correspondence:

Janet had received correspondence on e-mail which was forwarded around the Committee on e-mail.

  • 30.10.11 From Jason Tinley at CCS advising on Somerset Community Oil Scheme and Somerset Energy+Group. (competitive rates for subscribers)

  • 1.11.12 From Marjie Dorling at CCS forwarding details of funding application for Village Hall projects from Julie Cooper at Sedgemoor District Council.

  • 8.11.10. From Jason Tinley at CCS forwarding advice from Flood Risk Management Team.

She had also received a letter from Hopkins Plumbing to advise that a gas check was due. This has already been done.

Mike Grant had received correspondence from Molly Richards (Community News) asking whether the Committee would like to renew their Village Hall advertisement. The charge had increased to £105.00. The Committee agreed and Mike will confirm with Molly.

Item 5: Treasurer’s Report:

See attached.

Item 6: Hall Bookings:

Betty reported that the additional bookings for December were;

9.12.12 – All day booking for someone from Weston

9.12.12 – A party booking

Item 7: Lottery:

There was no draw this month as insufficient tickets have been sold at the moment.

Item 8: Representative Reports:

1. Bowls. Tony Collins confirmed that everything was going well. The group will meet for their final meeting of the year on 18.12.12. They will be enjoying a meal together at the Brent Knoll Inn on 19.12.12 for their Xmas celebrations.

2. Active Living. Dot advised ;

  • The numbers attending remained good.

  • They are currently enjoying a range of Xmas craft activities. The most recent one of which had been Xmas wreath making.

3. St Mary’s Church. Dot informed the Committee;

The Barn Dance on 17th November had gone very well.

4. Parish Council. Barbara advised the following;

  • A defibrillator is to be installed in the telephone box by the Village Green.

  • The Parish Council were pleased with the widened gated access.

  • The traffic lights at the junction continue to cause difficulties. Further attempts were being made to resolve these.

  • The Committee requested that the Parish Council invest in some new Xmas tree lights for the outside tree. Barbara said she would mention this at the next meeting.

  • The Committee also raised concerns regarding the one-way system in front of the Hall. Barbara will also mention this at the next Parish Council meeting.

5. Thursday Club. Janet reported that the group had been treated to an evening of Xmas crafts which had been enjoyed by all. It was estimated that between 15 and 20 people attended the last meeting.

6. History Group. Betty reported that this continues to go well. The new storage cupboard has been placed on the stage, but before removing all the wrapping, the group wanted to confirm the position. The Committee agreed to it being moved slightly to the right without obscuring the window, so it could be opened easily without ‘snagging’ against the carpet bowls equipment.

Item 9: Premises/Health & Safety

1.Mike advised the Committee that Sedgemoor has funding available but applications have to be received by 13th January 2013.

2.Betty reported that she had met the Viridor representative who had inspected all the improvements to the Hall, some of which the company have been responsible for funding. He was very impressed and invited further applications for funding.

3. The Committee were invited to look at a copy e-mail sent by Hugh Mackay to Julie Cooper at Sedgemoor District Council. (see attached). The item listed a number of projects to be considered as part of our long-term capital programme. The principal 3 items agreed by the Committee in order of preference are;

1. Replace hall chairs.

2. Overlay surfacing of car park.

3. Upgrade Cloakroom.

Item 10: Certificate Renewals:

1. Awaiting certification from Steve McCreavy for fire and emergency lighting check.(Tony)

2. Renew Lottery Licence (Janet)

Item 11: Any Other Business:

1. Dot asked whether the Church could borrow a wheelchair. The Committee agreed.

2. The Xmas trimmings are to be put up on Friday 7th December at 6.00. As many of the Committee as were able to, were asked to help.

3. A couple of the fluorescent tubes in the main hall need replacing. Tony will contact Steve McCreavy.

4. The cassette player does not work through the amplifier. Tony will cost a compatible CD player.

5. It was agreed that no meeting would be held in December as a number of the Committee members could not make 19th. Instead a ‘chair viewing’ evening would be arranged in the light of having to reach a decision fairly quickly to get our application for funding to Sedgemoor.

6. The Committee agreed to the purchase of the steam cleaner for June. This was proposed by Mike and seconded by Betty. The VAX and floor polisher will be scrapped. June will purchase the item

7. Pre-School to be asked to remove their Xmas Pamper Evening banner. (Janet will contact Emma)

Item 12: Fire Exit & Light Audit:



This will be done.

Item 13: Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 16th January 2013 at 7.30. The Committee will be advised regarding ‘chair viewing’

The meeting closed at 20.57.



Action Points Summary:

By Whom:

Chase up fire alarm and emergency lighting certificate from Steve McCreavy. Continue to resolve ‘boxing in’ and inverter problems with Steve McCreavy. Arrange with Steve to replace fluorescent tubes in main hall.

Tony Collins

Liase with Geoff Adams re corner protectors/refit shelf in kitchen cupboard to store china

Mike Grant

Organise Broadband installation with Matt Lewis & BT

Mike Grant

Order and install cupboard for Active Living. Price up compatible CD player for use with amplifier.

Tony Collins

Confirm with Community Magazine to continue with Hall advertisement

Mike Grant

Advise Parish Council re renewing the Xmas lights and one-way problems outside the Hall

Barbara Woodward

Obtain selection of suitable chairs to replace existing ones, and organise a suitable viewing day.

Hugh Mackay (?)

Renew Lottery Licence

Janet Nurse



Confirmed as a true record of the meeting..................................................Date...........................



Signed by Chairman/Vice Chairman*

*Delete as appropriate





















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