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Monthly Meeting Minutes - 17th October 2012




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Minutes of a Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.53pm on Wednesday 17th October 2012


Before the meeting commenced, Betty introduced Mr Andrew Norris from Somerset County Council Adult Education Department. He has access to funding for the support of minority groups in the County. He had been approached by a group of Muslim ladies asking for funding to set up an exercise class in the Hall. This would be available to all ladies in the community. The Committee confirmed that the Hall would be available and approved the plan in principal. Mr Norris advised that a bid for funds would be put together and presented to his Finance Committee before 9.11.12. Details would be sent to Hugh as Chairman for committee circulation and final approval.


Present: Mike Grant, Hugh Mackay, Janet Nurse, Pat Seabrook, Betty Griffin, Emma Allen, Tony Collins, Dot Coles

Item 1: Apologies:

Barbara Woodward, Jane Ratcliffe, Ann Ellis.

Item 2: Election of Officers

All Officers agreed to stand again.




Proposed by

Seconded by


Hugh Mackay

Betty Griffin

Emma Allen

Vice Chairman

Tony Collins

Betty Griffin

Emma Allen


Janet Nurse

Betty Griffin

Emma Allen


Mike Grant

Betty Griffin

Emma Allen

Lottery Officer

Pat Seabrook

Betty Griffin

Emma Allen

Booking Clerk

Betty Griffin

Betty Griffin

Emma Allen

Carpet Bowls

Tony Collins

Betty Griffin

Emma Allen

All were unanimously accepted.

Item 3: Minutes of the last meeting:

An amendment was made to Item 8, St Mary’s Church report, which should read Lights of Love not, as printed Lights of Life. The Minutes were then approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 4: Matters arising:

1. Continue to resolve ‘boxing in’ and inverter problem with Steve McCreavy. Further work has been done on the boxing in but it is not yet completed. With regard to the inverter it is working perfectly in autumnal light but in full summer light is under rated cutting out over 2kw.The investigation is ongoing.

2. Obtain 2 further quotes for regular fire alarm/lighting checks. Janet confirmed that Steve McCreavy has recently done a full maintenance check but no certificate has been issued. He has yet to provide a quote for an annual maintenance check. Tony will remind Steve about both items when he next sees him.

3. Give Kevin Lukins paperwork re gate project. Mike confirmed this has been done but he has had no recent contact regarding final confirmation of the work.

4. Chase Outstanding Debts. Mike confirmed these are now paid up to date.

5. Arrange Gas Safety Check and Toilet Removal. Gas Safety check has been done, the toilet will be removed on 22.10.12.

6. Liaise with Geoff Adams re corner protectors. This remains outstanding.

7. Contact Calum Dodd regarding Fire Door Closer Adjustment. Tony has done the necessary adjustment. The Committee thanked him for his work.

8. Arrange to carry out Fire Risk Assessment. This was done by Janet & Tony, and copies of the updated assessment have been distributed around the Committee and will also be given to the cleaner. It was agreed that an additional fire extinguisher should be fitted by the main exit door to comply with current requirements. Janet will make the necessary arrangements.

Item 4: Correspondence:

  • Janet had received correspondence on e-mail from Bill Walker asking if the Committee would like to use the newly set up village website to publish the monthly management meeting Minutes. The Committee agreed the Minutes would go on each month. The Annual Report of the Trustees together with the Annual Accounts would be presented each year.

  • The Community Council for Somerset had issued an invitation to all village hall committees to their AGM. No one on the Committee was available to go, so a proxy vote was to be undertaken on their behalf, with authority delegated to Hugh.

Item 5: Treasurer’s Report:

See attached.

In addition Mike reported that he has new contracts with Total Gas and SSE until 31.1.15.

Item 6: Hall Bookings:

Betty reported that a number of additional bookings were made for October;

8.10.12/22.10.12 – Big Band Booking

20.10.12 – Birthday Party

25.10.12 – Two Bookings.

  • Main Hall Phil Yorke SDC Affordable Housing Meeting.

  • Small Room

November Bookings

15.11.12 – Police Election Day

16.11.12 – Pamper Evening Pre-School

17.11.12 – Church Barn Dance.

Item 7: Lottery:

9th Draw – 03.10.12

1. £10.00 – 171 Brian Rutherford

2. £10.00 – 185 Colin Loader

3. £10.00 – 60 Christine Dalton

10th Draw – 17.10.12

1. £20.00 – 92 Geoff Adams

2. £30.00 – 39 Mary Keay

3. £80.00 – 36 Linda de Santiz


Item 8: Representative Reports:

1. Pre-School. Emma Allen;

  • Asked for permission to decorate the Hall on Tuesday prior to the Pampers Evening on 16th November. The Committee agreed.

  • Advised they would be closed for Inset day on 5th November.

  • Asked for permission to display banner advertising the Pampers evening. The Committee agreed.

2. Active Living. Dot advised ;

  • The numbers attending remained good.

  • They had been on a very successful visit to a cider farm

  • A choir had entertained them recently.

  • They had won a raffle for a theatre group to come and entertain them on 21st December.

  • The Bell Ringers would be playing on 14th December

3. St Mary’s Church. Dot informed the Committee;

  • There had been a number of roof leaks affecting the building.

  • The boiler firing the central heating in the Church had now been repaired.

  • There was to be a Harvest Service at Brent Knoll Church followed by lunch.

  • A Barn Dance was planned for 17th November in the Hall. The Committee agreed that a banner could be erected to publicise the event.

4. Harvest Home. Betty advised that the next meeting was next month.

5. History Society. Betty informed the Committee that 2 new members had recently joined the group, and the membership total was about 25.

6. Carpet Bowls. Tony advised that there had been 100% turn out at the last meeting.

7. Parish Council. In the absence of Barbara, Janet read out the following notices applying to the last Parish Council meeting on 17th October;

  • Affordable Housing. Mrs Mary Chorley and Mr Philip Yorke (SDC) addressed the meeting and hoped to hold an open public meeting in the Village Hall later, if the Parish Council supported the need for affordable housing.

  • The police would be asked to stop the traffic at the war memorial on November 11th for the Remembrance Day Service.

  • The bus stop currently situated near the edge of the rhyne by the village green is to be returned to it’s original position by the telephone box.

8. Thursday Club. The booked speaker was unavailable so the group held a beetle drive at their last meeting. Numbers remain low.

Item 9: Premises/Health & Safety

Outstanding items were covered during the early part of the meeting. Discussion relating to the outbuildings is ongoing.

Item 10: Certificate Renewals:

PAT is due, Tony will approach Steve McCreavy about this.

Item 11: Any Other Business:

1. Active Living asked about installing shelving in an existing metal cabinet. The Committee agreed this would not be easy, and Tony will price up a similar sized cupboard with a view to replacing the existing one.



2. Tony advised that the china purchased by the WI and now infrequently used by the Thursday Club, could be available for general use if it was more accessible. This would mean re-affixing the shelf that gave way in the cupboard where the china is stored. Mike will approach Geoff Adams for advice re carpenter.

3. Broadband Connection. Janet will make contact with Ronald Champion for advice. Hugh will provide contact details.

Item 12: Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This has been done.

Item 13: Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 21st November 2012

The meeting closed at 20.50.


Action Points Summary:

By Whom:

Continue to resolve ‘boxing in’ and inverter problems with Steve McCreavy.

Tony Collins

Obtain fire alarm and emergency lighting certificate from Steve McCreavy, together with quotation for annual maintenance check. Arrange for PAT check with Steve MCCreavy

Tony Collins

Confirm paper work, and start date for gate widening project with Kevin Lukins.

Mike Grant/Janet Nurse

Liaise with Geoff Adams re corner protectors

Hugh Mackay

Contact suppliers to arrange purchase and fitting of water filled fire extinguisher by main exit door.

Janet Nurse

Make contact with Ronald Champion for advice on Broadband installation in Hall.

Janet Nurse

Seek advice from Geoff Adams re carpenter to refit shelf in kitchen cupboard to store china

Mike Grant

Price up storage cupboard for use by Active Living Group

Tony Collins



Confirmed as a true record of the meeting..................................................Date...........................



Signed by Chairman/Vice Chairman*

*Delete as appropriate

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