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Monthly Review - October 2012

Work will commence during Autumn Half Term holiday on the gate widening project and hopefully completed within the week. Access to the Hall car parking should be much easier and more convenient for all users.

For the moment renovation of the outbuildings area is to be put on hold. The cost involved is quite high in terms of the actual benefit to the Hall. It will be considered at a later date.

The toilet adjacent to the small kitchen area will be removed very soon. It is rarely used and presents maintenance issues from time to time. The Committee agreed that the space would be much more useful for storage of cleaning materials.

The Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall Management Committee was held on Wednesday 17 October, immediateley followed by the monthly committee meeting, where the Committee Officers remain as follows;

                                           Chairman         -              Hugh Mackay

                                           Vice Chairman -              Tony Collins

                                           Secretary         -               Janet Nurse

                                           Treasurer         -               Mike Grant

                                           Lottery Officer  -               Pat Seabrook

                                           Booking Clerk  -               Betty Griffin

At a recent Fire Risk Assessment check, it was noted that Hall lacks a fire extinguisher by the main exit door. Arrangements are in hand to have one fitted in the very near future. The general advice should a fire occur, is to vacate the building first and call the Fire Brigade, rather than try to tackle the fire single handed. However the additional fire extiguisher will ensure that the Hall is fully compliant with current regulations.

And finally, anyone interested will be able to view the Minutes of the Village Hall Management Committee meetings each month, via the village website in the very near future. In addition the Annual Report of the Trustees together with the end of year accounts will also be available for viewing.

Janet Nurse


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