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Village Hall Management Committee

Monthly Meeting Minutes - 28th March 2018

Present:         Hugh Mackay, Mike Grant, Jacqui Collins, Pat Seabrook., Jenny Hudson, Barbara Woodward.

                        The Chairman noted that the meeting was quorate (i/3 of 12 members = 4)[post-meeting correction]

Item 1:             Apologies:

                        Janet Nurse, Kay Clarke, Dot Coles, Betty Griffin,

Item 2             Minutes of the Last Meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on February 28th were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3:            Matters arising:

                        Data Protection Policy

                        This had been circulated following the last meeting. It was duly approved by the

                        Committee and signed for the record by the Chairman.

Item 4:             Correspondence:

Janet has forwarded all items of correspondence received on e-mail around the Committee.

Item 5:             Treasurer’s Report:

See attached. Mike advised the Committee that casual bookings to date for the Hall were about £600 less than in the previous year.

Item 6:             Hall Bookings:

As Betty was not present, there was nothing reported.

Item 7:             Lottery:                      

                        No draw could be held as tickets remain to be sold. jenny reported to advise                      that unfortunately tickets could not be sold at Slimming World meetings due to Slimming World Policy. A suitable poster is to be displayed in the Hall foyer.

Item 8:             Representative Reports:

  1. Harvest Home. Mike advised that a meeting had been held and that he would be

taking over the sale of tickets from Betty.  

  1. Slimming World. Jenny reported that the group continues to grow and were now averaging more than 60, across the two sessions on Saturdays.   

The Committee consented for the banner to be displayed for 2 weeks over Easter.

  1. Bowls. Jacqui advised that the numbers remained reduced.
  2. Parish Council. Barbara reminded us of the litter pick on Sunday 15th April, (2-4pm), followed by tea at the Village Hall. She also reported that fencing had needed to be replaced at the playground and the annual grass keep of the field above the Cemetery had been sold. Support is being requested for Highbridge library, which is threatened with closure.
  3. Day Centre.  Jacqui advised that the numbers remained at 10, but will be closed on Good Friday..       

Item 9:             Premises/Health & Safety

Mike is to arrange replacement of the Grace Hudson Room clock.

Mike is to report to Steve McGreavy that the battery needs replacing on the main hall door

Jenny asked whether winter grit could be kept at the Village Hall. Barbara to refer to the Parish Council

Item 10:          Certificate Renewals

The Hallmark appointment has yet to be confirmed             

Item 11:          Any Other Business:

Hugh proposed that Management Committee meetings be held bi-monthly in future and the AGM be held in November. As this complies with, the Constitution, the Committee agreed. Future meetings in this year will be 23/5,25/7,26/9,28/11(AGM).

Jenny gave her apologies for the 23rd May meeting and Hugh for the 25th July.

Item 12:          Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This has been done.

Item 13:          Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 23rd May 2018.  The meeting closed at 19.57.


Confirmed as a true record of the meeting....................................Date....................

Signed by Chairman/Vice Chairman (sign as appropriate)

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