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Monthly meeting Minutes - 22nd November 2017

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the Village Hall at 7.30 on Wednesday 22nd November 2017


Present: Hugh Mackay, Mike Grant, Janet Nurse, Betty Griffin, June Jessop, Barbara Woodward, Jacqui Collins, Kay Clarke, Dot Coles.

Item 1: Apologies:

Pat Seabrook.

Not Present;

Chrissie Tolman

Item 2 Minutes of the Last Meeting.

These were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.

Item 3: Matters arising:

Item 11. (2) Hugh has been advised by the Head of East Brent School that the new Pre-School sign, which the Committee agreed at the last meeting to replace the existing one on the west side of the building, whilst complying with planning regulations, is larger that the current Village Hall sign below which it will be affixed. The Head has volunteered that the School fund a new Village Hall sign to match the size of the new Pre-School sign. The Committee agreed. Hugh will advise the Head.

1. Order and Arrange to install 3 Hand Driers, one in each of the Toilets. These are now in position and in full working order. The old paper towel dispensers have been removed and stored in the small kitchen.

2. Red Paint in Gent’s toilet and sand on floor in Main Hall. Pre-School have been contacted regarding this.

3. Arrange with June Leather to order interleaved paper towels for dispenser in Main Kitchen. Betty confirmed this has been done, the old paper towels will be placed in the Main Kitchen to be used up.

4. Request that Hall be cleaned on Thursday evenings when possible. Betty confirmed that this was not possible, having spoken to June Leather .

5. Arrange annual Gas Check. Mike confirmed that this will be done on 29th November.

6. Arrange PAT testing. Mike confirmed Steve McGreavy tested all available appliances, but this did not include pre-school equipment or cleaning equipment as these were not made available.

7. Exterior Light. Steve McGreavy confirmed that this is not a sensor light, it needs to be activated by a switch on the inside. The Committee agreed that it be converted to a sensor device which will come on in the dark and go off in the day.

8. Fire Exit Light in Main Hall. This is ongoing as Steve McGreavy needs to get a new bulb.

Item 4: Correspondence:

Janet has forwarded all items of correspondence received on e-mail around the Committee.

Item 5: Treasurer’s Report:

See attached. Mike also advised the Committee that the income from the Hire fees was slightly less than the same time last year, and that the payments didn’t include a recent payment in respect of some cleaning items from the previous year and also some electrical works.

Item 6: Hall Bookings:

Betty reported that there are 7 additional bookings for December.

Item 7: Lottery:

1st Draw – 25.10.17

1. £10.00 – 74 Margaret Field

2. £10.00 – 125 Pat Seabrook

3. £10.00 – 183 Val Davies

2nd Draw – 08.11.17

1. £10.00 – 74 Margaret Field

2. £10. 00 – 183 Val Davies

3. £10.00 - 75 Karen Phillips

3rd Draw – 22.11.17

1. £10.00 – 193 Bob Bees

2. £10.00 – 111 Mae Pleydill-Pearce

3. £10.00 – 71 Chris Robson

Item 8: Representative Reports:

· Pre-School. Kay reported that there were currently 16 children on the books, but some of the sessions were very quiet.

· History Group. Betty confirmed that there had been a change to the planned schedule this month so that a painting recently purchased by an American couple of a farmhouse in the village now demolished, could be discussed.

· Harvest Home. Betty advised that the recent event had achieved a small surplus. She also requested that the First Aid box from the Village Hall be used on the day of the Harvest Home on a regular basis. This was agreed by the Committee.

· Parish Council. Barbara advised the following

1. The Parish Council had recently agreed a 3year contract for grass cutting.

2. Sedgemoor District Council had donated some bulbs for planting.

3. The new notice boards at the Village Hall and at Rooksbridge were now in position.

· Carpet Bowls. Jacqui confirmed that the group remained at 12 with most coming each week. She also reported a flickering strip light in the kitchen. Mike will ask Steve McGreavy to check.

· Day Centre. June reported that the numbers attending remain unchanged.

· St Mary’s Church. Dot reported the following;

1. Coffee Morning in Red House Road 22nd November

2. Men’s Breakfast event to be held in Lympsham. It was hoped this would become a regular monthly fixture with a speaker.

3. 5th December. Christmas Coffee morning.

4. Programme of Christmas Church Services beginning on 17th December with Carols by Candlelight at St Mary’s. Crib Services would be held on 24th December 3.30 in St Mary’s and 5.30 in Lympsham. A 10.00 Christmas Day Service would be held at St Mary’s.

Item 9: Premises/Health & Safety

There was nothing to discuss

Item 10: Certificate Renewals

Renewal of Lottery License. Janet will arrange.

Item 11: Any Other Business:

It was agreed that the Christmas decorations would be put up on 11th December and all members of the Committee were invited to assist in the evening at 5.30.

Item 12: Fire Exit & Light Audit:

This has been done.

Item 13: Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 24th January 2018. The meeting closed at 20.24


Confirmed as a true record of the meeting....................................Date....................

Signed by Chairman/Vice Chairman (sign as appropriate)

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