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About The Community Portal


The Community Portal has been provided by East Brent Parish Council and is managed by The Parish Council Website Committee.

We hope that the Community Portal Project will develop and we welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement.  We cannot promise to implement your suggestions, but we will take on board all of your suggestions and put them into the melting pot for consideration at the next development stage of the website.


The Information Section is where, both The Website Committee and other organisations can communicate directly with our community.  

Our Diary Section shows all of the meetings and events taking place in the parish (of which we are aware) for the next two months.  If you work with any organisation operating within the parish or for the benefit of parishioners, then please email us with your upcoming events for inclusion in our online diary.

Community Notices are where we highlight important information, such as road closures or highlight special events in the diary.

Organisation Reports is just one of the places where Organisations within the Parish can communicate through our website.  When your organisation event has passed, please send us a report or if you prefer, Organisations within the Parish can log in directly and pulish reports and information directly.  See Organisation below.


Here we publish details about our Parish Magazine, deleivered free to all parishioners.  Back Editions of the magazine are published in this section, so if there is something that you remember from a past magazine, or you just cant remember, where you put your latest copy, all editions can be read or downloaded here.

In this section, we will be republishing certain articles from the magazine, particulary those where, we have additional photographs to show, and where space does not allow within the hard copy.  We also offer the opportunity for articles which have been published in parts in the magazine to be read in full online.


For a small parish, we do have a wealth of facilities and amenities, which are available both to parishioners and visitors to the parish.  This section highlights amenities available primarily for newcommers to the pasish and visitors, but if you are a long standing memeber of the parish, do take a look, you might find something that you did not know about!!  If you know about something that we have not highlighted, please let us know, communication works best when it works in both directions.


This space is for all of the voluntary not for profit organisations with in the parish.  If you are involved in such an organisation and you would like to include your organisation within our community pages then please let us know.

You can let us know by email at webadmin@eastbrentparishcouncil.org.uk or by telephoning Bill Walker on . You can also register your interest by completing a small online form on the organisations page.

Register you interest here: Online Registration Form

Before you register, please read our Community Guidelines.

Once accepted you will be able to upload photo albums of your  events, write reports about the work of your organisation.  You may also publish documents or minutes of meetings online.


In this section we have included a directory of all of the businesses of which we are aware.  If you run a business within the Parish, please check to see if we have your details correct and let us know if you find an error.  If we have missed your business and would like to be included, please let us know.


Finally we have included a page of local information links.

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