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Legend and Folklore

We have included these stories of legend and folklore for the purposes of interest.  Some of the stories are wholey ficticious and some are based upon fact or depict historical events but are embelished with the passing of time.

Please note that we are merely retelling the stories and we do not necessarily beleive them to be true!!! 

If you know a legend or folklore about East Brent and you would like to share it with us, please send us an email.



The Slaying of The Three Giants

During the reign of Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot it is said that Three Great Giants occupied The Mount of Frogs.  Brent Knoll was at that time known as the Mount of Frogs (or Island of Frogs) as the surrounding Somerset Levels and Moors had yet to be drained and for much of the year was an island surrounded by boggy waters and frogs. It is said that King Arthur gave a quest to a new Knight of the Round Table, Ider, to slay the three giants as a test of his courange.  Ider was...

Legend of The Devil

It is said that the Knoll at Brent, or Brent Knoll as we commonly call it was formed by none other than Lucifer himself. Lucifer when digging out cheddar caves through a shovelful of dirt which landed on the boggy marshes of Brent.  This heap of soil and stone became the Knoll at Brent. It has also been suggested that the local church in Brent Knoll was dedicated to St Michael, The Arch Angel, so that he may protect the local people from the Devil. The Illustration by Gustave...