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Beat Staff:

Beat Manager - PC 1916 Pete Wills

PCSO 7675 Sam Piers

PCSO 7703 Tracy Grobbeler.



“Don’t give strangers, regardless of who they claim to be, any financial information or bank details. 

“A police officer, or any other official, will never ask for money or bank details over the phone or on the door-step.  If you are unsure if the person is who they say they are, ask for ID and check the information with the organisation they say they work for. However never use a number they give you. Always look it up yourself. In short, if you are unsure, again shut the door.” 

We are appealing for witnesses to the incident in Stogursey. The men were in the village on the 2 August at approximately 9pm. According to the victim there were two men, one white male and one black, both wearing police uniform. Did you see them? 

C/Insp Lisa Simpson continues: “If you saw these men in the area, or have been approached by them please get in touch. You can call us on 101 quoting the reference number 5216171376

“Similarly if you believe you have been contacted by a fraudster, please report it either by calling Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040or by calling us on the 101 number.


REMINDER - always keep doors and windows locked when you leave your vehicle, even if it's only for a short time. Don't leave any items on display when vehicles are unattended - make sure they are removed or at least put out of sight. Keep vehicle keys in a safe place at home and not within easy reach of doors or visible through windows. If you are concerned that there are rogue traders operating in your area, always report them to the Police using the 999 number.

Monthly Overview - June 

Below figures relate to the Sedgemoor North West beat area:

293 calls from your beat area.

53 were listed as crimes, including:


5          Assault

0          Assault on Police

6          Dwelling burglary (+1 attempt)

1          Non dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)

3         Criminal damage (property)

0          Criminal damage (vehicles) 

2          Theft from motor vehicles

1          Theft of motor vehicle

0          Theft of pedal cycles

3          Theft from shops

Remainder miscellaneous.

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) – 5 reports across the beat. 

Beat Surgery.

1 August, 10.30 - 12 noon at the LEBE's cafe, Lympsham Pavilion. 

If you have any information about suspicious incidents or activity, please telephone the police on the general number 101. Please remember to ask the call handler to mark or tag your cal 'NHW' (Neighbourhood Watch).



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GENERAL - Most crime is oportunistic. Please remember to secure your property and ensure it looks occupied even when you are out. You can use lights on timers and/or radio on a talk channel. If you are going away for any length of time ask a neighbour to move post from behind the front door, open and close curtains etc. Windows should be secure and alarms set.


Secure your shed

Your shed or garage is part of your home and often stores valuable things like bikes or tools. But is your shed or garage as secure as your house? Could they be an easy target for opportunist burglars, especially now that the nights are darker earlier? Shed and garage breaks are likely to occur where access is easily gained to the rear or side of your property, using adjoining alleyways or footpaths. It is important to try and prevent this. High value bicycles, motorcycles/mopeds, power tools and sports equipment are the most likely to be targeted. Here are some tips to help prevent theft from your shed or garage:

Layered security is recommended for all property. Start by looking at the perimeter of the property, followed by the buildings within it, then the things stored inside.

It is pointless having a robust padlock if the hasp and staple it is secured to are easily broken or cut. It is also important to ensure that any security fixtures, including ‘T’ hinges, are robustly fitted using dome-headed coach bolts rather than screws. If screws must be used consider using security (clutch head) screws, which cannot be removed easily.

 Alarms are well worth considering. Shed and garage alarms are inexpensive and are sold by most DIY stores and chains.

 Quality cycles should be secured within sheds and garages using a chain or ‘D’ lock certified to Sold Secure standard. Bikes should also be chained to a ground/wall anchor. Do not use cable locks.

 It is important that not only are desirable items, like quality bicycles, properly secured, but that we are able to identify them if stolen.

 Check your insurance policy to confirm that you are adequately covered. Do any of the points above impact upon your policy?

 The national database, www.immobilise.com allows you to record the frame or serial numbers of any uniquely numbered items, such as bikes or laptops, free of charge. The website also offers crime prevention advice in relation to bicycles.

Further advice is available from the Further advice is available from the websites www.soldsecure.com and www.securedbydesign.com, where police approved  the security products can also be sourced for sheds, garages and their contents.

The wesites www.halgradesyourlocks.com and stolenbristolbikes@gmail.com also offer advice on crime prevention and recovering stolen property.





‘Foiling the Phone Scammer ‘

We are reminding people to be careful of phone scammers after several reports of bogus callers claiming to be police or security companies. 

​There have several incidents in North Somerset and South Gloucestershire over the month where residents have received a call on their landline from someone purporting to be from either the police or a security company

An elderly couple in Clevedon, North Somerset, received a call from a man claiming to be from "The Crime Reduction Unit" of the police. He was trying to persuade the couple to buy an alarm for £1.00 that would connect them to the local police and fire service. 


He also wanted to make an appointment to visit their home. They weren't sure about the man so they hung up and told their neighbour who alerted the police.


In a similar vein, an elderly lady in South Gloucestershire was made aware of a potential scam after a friend received a call. When she then got a phone call herself she was prepared. 


She was called by a man who stated he was from a security company wanting to conduct a home survey. She asked for the proposal to be put in writing and for a letter to be sent with some literature to her so she could speak to her son, at which point the man put the phone down. 


PC Fin Simmons from Avon and Somerset Police said: 

"I encourage people to take care when they receive unsolicited calls from people. The two ladies who received calls did exactly the right thing in trying to get the person to prove their identity. Reputable companies or genuine callers will be happy to prove who they are and provide indentification".


It's important to reiterate, the more we talk about these scams, the more people are made aware of them the less likely they are to become victims. Please spread the word to your reletives, neighbours, colleagues and friends, especially those who are elderly or vulnerable. "If you are unsure of anyone asking you for details, we would advise you to be overly cautious. There are some simple but effective measures people can take to minimise the risk of becoming a victim of these scams".


If someone claims to be from a company check their details, look at their website and see if they have any testimonials. Call the company, but don't use the number the caller gives you. Look one up on the internet or in a phone directory, before you make the call, either use a different telephone or wait for a dialling tone to ensure the bogus callers are still not on the line.


If the person claims to be from the local police, always ask for their collar number or staff I.D. number.

Every officer or staff member has one. You can then call 101 to check they are who they say they are.


Don't release ant personal information including any bank details that could be exploited unless you have confirmed the caller is genuine and reputable and you actually need waht is being offered.


The police and the banks will never ask you for banking details or PIN numbers on the phone.


If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you

can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS  0800 555 111.

For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally

see the www.ourwatch.org.uk website.



The Neighbourhood Watch Office has now moved to the new police 

premises at Bridgwater and new contact details
are as follows:

Address:  Lindsey Stone
NHW Office, Local Policing Support 
Sandy Padgett House
Bridgwater Police Centre
Express Park
Bristol Road

Telephone: 01278-644799 or via the 101 number

Email: lindsey.stone@avonandsomerset.police.uk




Vehicle Crime:

Officers locally would like to advise of a current increase in vehicle crime. Most notable is the increase in thefts of items stolen from inside vehicles. Some of these vehicles had forced entry but a number had been left insecure.

There has been one incident that involved items being stolen from a vehicle whilst it was left in Burnham on Sea. Officers investigating the crime identified a potential offender and made enquiries at their property. They located a number of items that the victim has now identified thus allowing investigations to continue. If you know of anyone who has had items stolen from vehicles recently, and who have not yet reported it to the police, please ask them to do so in case any of the other items currently in police possession can be identified by their rightful owner.

Please also remind members to ensure that their vehicles are left secure and without any items left on display. The NHW office does stock some crime reduction items for vehicle crime including: tamper proof tax disc holders, vehicle watch stickers and some cards indicating that nothing has been left on display in the vehicle (latter are free). These items can be obtained through Lindsey in the NHW office (Tel 01823-363348).



[RINGMASTER COMMUNITY MESSAGING - HEADQUARTERS - Free driving awareness - seeking your help]

Our free Road Smart driving awareness programme is off to a great start with over 1,000 people signed up so
We're seeking your help to promote these sessions further and get even more people to sign up. The statistics
around road safety are scary:

- 95% of all collisions are caused by human error and

- One third of all serious crashes involve people aged 17-24

We're therefore keen for as many people as possible to attend a free 2 hour session to improve their driving

The sessions are available in Keynsham, Bath, Filton, Weston-super-Mare, Taunton, Chipping Sodbury and Yeovilton
and are bookable for 17-24 year olds and for those aged 25 and over. This new and potentially life-saving session
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We are hoping you will be able to help us reach a wider audience by publicising this free diving awareness
session in your area. If you'd like any leaflets or posters to help publicise events, please email CorporateCommunicationsDepartment@avonandsomerset.police.uk

Thank you for your assistance.

The Corporate Communications Department,
Avon and Somerset Police
Force HQ, Valley Road
Portishead, North Somerset
BS20 8QJ

? 01275 816 042 Ext 66042 




This message is sent to all areas with a warning about bogus callers.

A number of incidents have occurred over recent days where unsolicited telephone calls have been made to members of the public. These calls allege to be from a security company and the suggestion is that the police are aware of crime prevention surveys taking place by the company in the area.

The caller asks to make an appointment to view the property to give a crime prevention survey whilst they are in the area. There is no indication that there are any criminal intentions but it is likely that a survey from a commercial company could result in costly recommendations.

Please remember that the police do not endorse any individual company. We would ask that you treat all unsolicited calls as you would callers at the door and have nothing to do with them. If you or your neighbours feel you need crime reduction advice then please contact your local beat staff or contact Lindsey at the NHW office (01823-363348) who will be happy to pass a message on for you.

This is also a time of year when you can get callers at the door trying to buy or sell their goods or services. Whether it is a caller at the door, on the phone, an unusual Email or letter - if it is unsolicited then please do not get involved with them. Remember you don't get anything for nothing and if they are offering something `free' there is likely to be some charge on the end of it.

If you get callers at the door who you think are suspicious in their actions then always call the police immediately on 101.

If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111. For general information about Neighbourhood Watch nationally see the www.ourwatch.org.uk website.


General - Reports have been received of householders receiving unsolicited phone calls or visits by people claiming to be operating as part of a scheme on behalf of the Government or local council.  Their claim is that for a one-off fee they can reassess housing bands which could result in lower rates.  Please remind members that they should not have dealings with callers, phone calls, Emails or mail that is unsolicited.  For advice about your Council Tax, you should contact your local council direct.  Remember to report suspicious callers to the police immediately - 101.



The Telephone Number for the NHW office in Bridgwater Police Station 01278 644799