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East Brent Pre School

East Brent Pre-School was founded for the benefit of the village children and attracts children from surrounding villages and towns. The school is run as a charity and all parents are welcome to attend meetings and play an active part if they wish.  It prides itself  on being a small group with dedicated staff, able to provide the time and attention each child requires, in a quiet setting. 

The Pre School runs from 8:45AM to 2:45PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in East Brent Village Hall and Fridays from 9.00AM until 3.00PM at East Brent Church of England Academy.  The pre school enjoys close links with the local first school helping all of the children going on to the First School to settle in well as they already know the setting, and some of the staff and older children. 

East Brent Pre School is registered to take children from the age of two to school age. 

East Brent Church of England Academy

The East Brent Church of England Academy is a small Church of England village school ideally situated in an idyllic location next to St Mary’s Church East Brent and with beautiful views of Brent Knoll. The school provides for children from ages 4 to 9.  On 1st November 2016 we became an academy and are now part of a multi academy trust known as The Wessex Learning Trust which includes 8 schools across the Cheddar Valley location. 

Strategic leadership and accountability for the school is provided by The School Govenors, who appoint the Headteacher and are involved in the appointment of other staff. 

Three Tier Education

East Brent Church of England Academy acts as the first tier in the East Brent Catchment Area for the Kings of Wesses Academy in Cheddar. In three-tier education systems children begin their compulsory education in a first school (in East Brent, East Brent Church of England Academy). East Brent Church of England Academy caters for children aged up to an age between 8 and 10, and cover all of Key Stage 1 and the first years of Key Stage 2.

Children then transfer to a Middle school. In the East Brent Catment Area the middle school is Hugh Sexy Church of England Middle School.  Here children cover the remainder of Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

Following on from the Middle School children transfer to High School where they continue their compulsary education and also have the option  to remain at the academy for the sixth form education.  In the East Brent Catchment Area, the High School is The Kings of Wessex Academy.

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