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Contact Colin Loader Tel. 01278 760713, Mobile. 07931 429927

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Current Management Committee (Updated April 2016)

President: Rev. Simon Lewis
Chairman: Colin Loader
Joint Secretaries: Rita Thomas/Betty Griffin
Treasurer: Russell Dixon
Committee Members: Geoff Adams, Bob Bees, George Collins, Mike Grant,   Anne Loader, Graham Radford, Tony Thomas, Bill Walker.
Honorary Member: Anne Munchin


                                                                               The date of the 2017 East Brent Harvest Home is Friday 25th August

Various Photos

Meeting Report 24th April 2013

East Brent Harvest Home - 2013 (156th Anniversary Year) The Harvest Home Committee held a meeting on Wednesday, 24th April 2013 where we discussed plans for this year’s event. A Special Interim Meeting was also held on 10th April 2013 to specifically discuss and decide on the field drainage. Venue/Field Drainage As previously mentioned, at the meeting on 10th April, it was agreed that the field would be ‘Mole Ploughed’ after being harrowed/rolled to reduce...


East Brent Harvest Home 2012

(155 Anniversary Year) As I am sure most people know, the Harvest Home Committee had to make the extraordinary and difficult decision to cancel this year’s event. The field was water-logged making it unsafe to erect the marquee as well as for vehicles and guests. I believe the attached part-letter published in local newspapers sums up our feelings. “I would like to express my thanks to all media for their reporting of the regrettable cancellation of this year’s East...


East Brent Harvest Home 2011

(154th Anniversary Year) Our Harvest Home at East Brent took place on Friday, 26th August 2011. Once again, Ed Champion’s field in Jarvis Lane was the venue where a large marquee housed the 500 or so luncheon guests, servers and helpers. We were fortunate that the days leading up to it were relatively free of rain and the ground inside the marquee remained essentially dry. However, it did rain rather heavily during the lunch but this never dampened the spirit of the day. For the second...

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