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The History Group

Organisation: The History Group

Contact details: Chairman: Colin Loader, tel: 01278 760713, email - cloader2@btinternet.com ; Secretary: Nigel Lloyd-Jones, tel: 01278 760218, email nigel@lloydjones.net

Meetings: The group meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the East Brent Village Hall with the meeting starting at 7pm.

Website: www.history.eastbrentparishcouncil.org.uk


The East Brent parish history group was formed in 2011 by a number of local village residents who wished to learn more about the history and background of the Parish and to be able to in turn share with other people the information that comes to light.

The group meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the East Brent Village Hall with the meeting starting at 7pm. The aim is to have updates on various items of past parish / village life and discuss / share experiences and information. There is also at the end of the main discussion an opportunity to have a cup of tea and chat through topics with other people.

The group wishes to build up a collection of old photos and documents that can be shared in part via the internet on the Parish Council web site and be preserved in a secure storage facility that people can have access too, both now and for many years to come.

Anyone wishing to learning more about the Parish history or has information be that old photos, documents or other such items that would help to further detail the people, events and places of the area please do either come along to the monthly meeting or contact Colin.

If you wish to see what has been covered at past history group meetings please do take a look at the meeting reports that are loaded here on the Parish web site.

As for information to be loaded onto the web site, this will in time gradually build up as articles on various subjects are prepared and put online.

We would like to mention that we attempt to do our best on the accuracy of what is loaded for people to view, but if anyone feels that any item needs modifying to be more correct then please again just let us know.


Meeting Report - 6th November 2013


Meeting Report - 5th June 2013

For the complete report of the 5th June meeting please access the following PDF file.  


Meeting Report - 6th March 2013

East Brent Parish History Group Meeting 6th March 2013 Meeting Notes The Parish History Group held a meeting on 6th March 2013 when we had two presentations. The Turnpike Road through East Brent Parish John Rigarlsford and Nigel Lloyd-Jones have been researching the times when the main route through the Parish was under the control of the Bristol Turnpike Trust. From medieval times to the end of the 1800’s, maintenance of roads were the responsibility of the Parish....


Meeting Report - 6 February 2013

East Brent Parish History Group Meeting 6 th February 2013 Meeting Notes The Parish History Group held a meeting on 6 February 2013 and discussed the following. Firstly, there was a follow-up talk concerning the Parish’s shops and businesses discussions held at the last meeting. This mainly covered the Old Post Office and the White House next door. Several people have contacted me to pass on their memories of these two businesses and I thank them for that. Unfortunately,...


Meeting Report - 3 October 2012

East Brent Parish History Group Meeting 3rd October 2012   Meeting Notes We welcomed two new members and together with existing members at the meeting took the opportunity to discuss some of the current and future activities of the Group. Several main points were discussed including :- Audio Recording of Parish Residents A few Audio recordings of the Parish’s residents have been taken and will be made available for access. However, the Group would like to take...


Meeting Report - 5 September 2012

Meeting Notes Our first meeting following the ‘Summer’ break, took place on 5th September with some members away enjoying the late summer sunshine. However, it was good to meet again and talk about the future of the Parish’s past. John Rigarlsford gave an extremely interesting talk on “East Brent Poor and the Workhouse” (see later). Meetings We agreed that meetings will continue to be held on the first Wednesday each month. There will also be a break...


Meeting Report - 4 July 2012

VISITORS FROM NEAR AND FAR We were pleased to welcome Margaret Thompson back again who together with her husband was able to bring along Brian Fry from New Zealand. As previously mentioned, Brian lived with his parents in Holly Tree Cottage, Church Road until his move to New Zealand in 1960. Brian related some of his memories of his life in East Brent. A few local friends of Brian were able to come along to meet him and discuss their memories.   MEETING WITH BEN WARD OF ATLANDA,...


Meeting Report - 6 June 2012

New Members It was good to welcome two new members plus one at the previous meeting. New and returning members are always welcome. Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Enormous thanks are due to Betty Griffin, Jenny Binning and John Rigarlsford (plus a few others) who provided such a successful display as part of the Parish’s celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. There were many items and photographs provided by members and others living in or with a connection with the...


Meeting Report - 2 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Members of the Parish History Group are providing a display as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on Sunday, 3rd June. This will be in the East Brent Village Hall from 10 am to 4 pm. Come along and see what the Group has discovered about the past.   Parish Website This is progressing and co-ordinated by Bill Walker (aventine1@btconnect.com). Please contact him with ideas or offers of help/expertise.   Brent Marshes in the...


Meeting Report - 4 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Some discussion took place regarding the Parish History Group providing a display at the Parish celebrations on 3rd June. A few members have taken up the challenge and will be providing a display involving items also from the Somerset Heritage Centre. Due to the nature of some of these items, the Heritage Centre is not keen on them being available out in the open. This is understandable and the display will probably be held in the Village Hall. Further details...


Meeting Report - 7 March 2012

Once again, we had a very enjoyable session with a further visit from Margaret Thompson and her husband. We also welcomed a couple of new attendees who brought along a large collection of newspaper cuttings relating to the East Brent Harvest Home dating from 1963 to 1988. These have been scanned and together with others, they will be made available for anyone to take a look at. A couple of examples from 1970 and 1981 are shown below (with acknowledgement to the newspapers they came from).   Funding We...


Meeting Report - 1 February 2012

Thank you to all who attended. I appreciate that it is not always possible to attend so the meeting is always open to anyone who wishes to come along occasionally. We also appreciate the comments and contributions from anyone who cannot attend the actual meetings, so please, keep it coming. Regarding the house formerly known as ‘Avalon’ (last month’s edition). I have had a call from the current owner who said the house is now called ‘Heronsmead’ (not ‘Erinsmead’)...


Meeting Report - 4 January 2012

The meeting was very well attended, thank you to all who were there and a Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you also to those who contacted me to confirm the location of the photograph of Florence Walls at her home “Avalon” in last month‟s report. We now know that the house is one of a group on the A370 at Lympsham just before the Hobbs Boat. It is believed it is now called “Erinsmead”. The evening began with a discussion on the draft Constitution and it was unanimously...


Meeting Report - 7 December 2011

The Parish History Group Meeting reviewed and discussed the following topics. Funding – The Parish Council has agreed in principle a contribution. Constitution – This has been drafted and will be forwarded to members within thenext couple of days (copy to the Parish Council). Formal positions (Chair, Secretary etc.) will be appointed at the next meeting. All meetings will now be held on the 1st Wednesday in each month as follows : 4 Jan., 1 Feb., 7 Mar.,...


Meeting Report - 9 November 2011

The Parish History Group Meeting began with a brief review of the current position regarding : 1. Funding, a Constitution and formal positions (Chair, Secretary etc.) 2. Regular dates for the Group’s meetings were proposed and agreed to be held on the 1st Wednesday in each month. The next few dates will therefore be :- 7 Dec. 2011 2012 - 4 Jan., 1 Feb., 7 Mar., 4 Apr., 2 May., 6 June and 4...


Meeting Report - 5 October 2011

A presentation to the Group gave up to date information on the ways and means of obtaining funding to establish a firm base for the Group’s activities in its first year and subsequent years. Representation have been made to the Parish Council and the Nuttall Trust. A key part of the Group’s aims is to ensure that the Parish’s history is well documented and made available as widely as possible. This will be done in two ways :- 1 Hard-copy storage - The Village Hall Committee...


Meeting Report - 7 September 2011

After the summer break, a group meeting was held on Wednesday, 7th September2011 in the Village Hall. Nigel Lloyd-Jones reported on the status regarding funding for the Group and its aims. This is being sought from various organisations to enable relevant documents to be obtained, copied and preserved with adequate storage. Costs incurred to date (Room Hire) are funded my members’ voluntary contributions.   Notes during discussions :- Future Speakers - Suggestions were made...


Meerting Report - 6 July 2011

The second group meeting was held on Wednesday, 6th July 2011 in the Village Hall and there were a few additional people with John Barnstable and Margery Baker representing some long-term residents – John was in the Home Guard. Again, much discussion took place regarding specific memories and it was great to see that these are still vivid. We all agreed that these memories of the Parish’s past are essential to note and record. John Barnstable remembers ‘Noddy’ Hart in the...


Meeting Report (First Meeting)

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