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Contact details: Mrs P Ireland 18 The Chantry Rooksbridge Email p.ireland@live.co.uk

Meetings: Once per Month at 18 The Chantry, Rooksbridge.



My Husband, Gordon, was killed on the 4th January, 2008. He was crossing the A38 in our village of Rooksbridge, when a car overtook an Articulated Lorry and a car when coming into the 30mph. He suddenly saw my husband, but was travelling so fast he ploughed into him at 57mph killing him outright. I was on the other side of the road and will never forget the trauma of that tragedy. After approximately 6 months I decided I would have to do something to try and slow traffic down and that was how Lights for Life came into being.
We now have 12 Committee Members who meet once a month, usually at my house – 18 The Chantry. We started running various functions to raise money, trying to think of various ways we could slow the traffic down coming into Rooksbridge. Our first aim was to get a Puffin Crossing (the new name for a Pedestrian Crossing!!!) In the beginning the County seemed very supportive and, at the own expense, did a Feasibility report. We were told it would be possible to have a Puffin Crossing, but it would have to be sighted outside the Post Office. We did not know at the time that 20 meters had to be left on each side of the crossing where NO traffic was permitted to stop. This, of course, was out of the question for the Post Office as they would lose all their trade, so we had to think again. Since this time we have put forward so many requests that it has seemed impossible to please County Hall.
We have run quite a few functions i.e. Quiz nights at the Public House, Race nights at the same venue, but our biggest fund raiser is when we have a Ball. As you know we are having our next Ball on the 3rd November at the Batch Country House Hotel. this will be our fourth Ball and, obviously our biggest earner. We have had in our ‘kitty’ £30,000. Since then we have had new road signs, had pavement laid where the children get on and off the school coaches, shortly we are having 2 Vehicle Activated Signs with a flashing 30mph with the outline of a camera underneath. We have put before County now a proposal for an Island with rails around so that the children and adults can cross the road more safely. We are awaiting their decision on that!!! We would also like to put up a shelter where the children can wait for the school bus when it is pouring with rain, but again we need permission from County. All of this takes time and effort from the Committee and in the meantime we still need to raise more money as the coffers, after paying £8,000 for the VAS signs, is now down to £12,000.
I hope this email has given you some insight into the workings of Lights for Life and that you can take snippets from it for your Blog.
Thank you,
Pat Ireland.

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