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Legend of The Devil

It is said that the Knoll at Brent, or Brent Knoll as we commonly call it was formed by none other than Lucifer himself.

Lucifer when digging out cheddar caves through a shovelful of dirt which landed on the boggy marshes of Brent.  This heap of soil and stone became the Knoll at Brent.

It has also been suggested that the local church in Brent Knoll was dedicated to St Michael, The Arch Angel, so that he may protect the local people from the Devil.

The Illustration by Gustave Dore could easily be that of Lucifer resting on the summit of Brent Knoll.


(Image: Lucifer, from Milton's Paradise Lost, Illustrated by Gustave Dore)



How The Knoll was really Formed!!

The Knoll at Brent dates from the Jurassic period when the surrounding area would have been inhabited by dinosaurs.  The Knoll that we know today was created by the erosion of the land around the hill by the waters of the Bristol Channel during the 7 millennium, leaving only the blue lias rocks, capped with sandstone that we know as Brent Knoll today, and the knoll was created an island in the Bristol Channel,  After the Ice Age, the waters receded leaving boggy marshes around Brent Knoll.